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Rabbits RWAF Featured rescues for July


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Jan 1, 2012
This month the featured rescues on our website are Odies Rescue in Suffolk and Rabbit Rehoming in Bath. They have many lovely rabbits all in need of a second chance, so if you live in those areas, and have space in your home, please consider adopting from them.
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There are many more, of course, across the UK, also in need of new forever homes, so please search any and all of these websites
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Save a Fluff - Find rabbit info and rescued rabbits to adopt
Rescue Review | Rescue Directory

We'd especially like to mention Betty and Quincy who are living at present in the care of the RSPCA at Gonsal Farm in Shropshire. Here's what the RSPCA says about this lovely couple

It’s bunny love for Quincy and Betty

Two bunnies in need of a new abode together

[GuineaPigCages.com] RWAF Featured rescues for July
(photo of Betty and Quincy courtesy of RSPCA)

Two bonded bunnies that have found love in RSPCA care are in need of a new abode where they can remain together.

Quincy and Betty have both had difficult pasts making their bunny love all the more heartwarming.

Poor Quincy is coming up for a year in RSPCA care after originally being found in August last year hopping around a street in Coventry. He was taken to the charity’s Coventry animal centre but after no one was interested in him was moved in December to Birmingham animal centre. But again no one offered a home to Quincy so his third move was to Gonsal Farm animal centre in Shropshire.

It was since moving to Gonsal in February that his luck changed when he met and fell for the bonnie Betty. Betty’s past was just as unsettling after she was removed by an inspector after being found in a neglected state with several other rabbits. Her previous owner was prosecuted by the RSPCA and during this time Betty stayed in private boarding where she spent many months.

In February Betty was transferred to Gonsal where love blossomed over the dandelions upon meeting Quincy and now the best friends get stressed when they are separated.

“Both Betty and Quincy are quite nervous rabbits but after being through so much it is no surprise,” said Taryn Gronbeck animal care assistant at Gonsal Farm.

“They are responding well to gentle handling but we really need to get them into a home where a patient owner can work on improving their confidence. We can’t separate them as they get very stressed when parted. In a new home, with the right owner, they will fully bloom into care-free, happy, bouncy bunnies.”

If you can offer a love shack to Quincy and Betty please call Gonsal Farm animal centre on 0300 123 0753 .

Gonsal Farm currently has lots of lovely bunnies patiently waiting on new homes. If you are interested in rehoming a rescue rabbit check out the RSPCA website at Animal Charity - Rescue Dogs, Cats, Pets, Horses - Prevent Cruelty - rspca.org.uk
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