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Ruby went to the vet!


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Jul 21, 2004
So, I just got home from taking Ruby to Dr.Fraser. He's totally my new vet. XD He's really nice, and REALLY knows what he's doing. I just took Ruby, and she's healthy, but our only concern is that she's dropped 200 grams since tuesday! He weighed her, she's 857 grams. He says that is a perfect weight.. Is it? He took a fecel examination, and to my suprise was $18! Ack! Oh well... At least I'm positive she dosen't have any pestisides or anything. The test came back negative. Phew!
He checked her teeth, her heart rate, belly, fur, but couldn't check her eyes XD He said that it would all just be red since she's a PEW. She's all healthy, except for on the left side(I believe) her teeth are a LITTLE "pointy", so I'm going to set an appointment for her to get her teeth trimmed in a little while. It costs from 20-50$, since some pigs they have to give medication to to calm them down. He dosen't think he'll have to do that with Ruby though, but we don't know. He said that was REALLY good since I've never needed to get her teeth trimmed before, and she's 3 years old! :)
Just wanted to tell everyone how it went, since she hasn't been to the vet in a while due to money :/
I didn't take my other boy in because after I posted my concern, it looks like he's doing better and he's still acting normal. Don't worry though, I do plan on taking him in a month or so, once I get more money. :)
This whole vet check + the fecel examination cost $53. Not bad if you ask me!
I'm glad Ruby is healthy, as your other pig is too! $53 isn't too bad at all.
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