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Ruby might be ill- constipation???

Can you get some infant simethicone drops? If she has trapped gas in her tummy it will help. You will have to ask the gl experts how much to give her. I'm sorry you couldn't get her in to see the vets. That's terrible. Try to get some pellet mash into her and some water or plain pedialyte. Tempt her with her most favorite veggies.
RubyPiggie2 said:
I went to the vets, but since my mother is stubborn and will NOT take me to the vet, we went with my sister and her boyfriend.

Turns out you have to have a relative that's at least 18 years old- my sister will turn 18 in a few months, so I couldn't have Ruby checked out. Rabbitsncavyluv, I wasn't here when you gave me those links, and I would try to go to one of them but now I don't have a ride.

I tried everything, I talked to like 10-15 different clinics and looked them up but none were really specialized in piggers and when I went to one I couldn't get Ruby in. I feel so stupid and I know I let Ruby down and because of me she's probably going to die.
Ruby's belly isn't feeling so firm anymore and it's not making noises- but I don't think that bloating can just go down on it's own, can it?

What utter rubbish - don't EVER go back to this vet. My mum used to drop me off at the vet when I had my first guinea pig. I would pay in cash and then she would pick me up afterwards. The vet even taught me how to clip nails and recognise the signs of mites!

I agree that you should post on GL as well as trying to find another vet. They are very helpful on that forum.
Ruby, this is a guinea pig rescue listed in St Louis on Petfinder.
Maybe they can suggest some vets that have guinea pig experience. I have no personal knowledge of them, just thought they might be a source of information for vets for now or the future. They say they only rescue dogs under 20 pounds and guinea pigs.
St. Louis Animal Harbor and Rescue

Phone: 314-962-5048

Email:[email protected]
Good luck with Ruby!!!
I'm relieved she seems a bit better. Hopefully we were wrong and it isn't bloat. Mild cases of bloat can go down on their own if they can get gas to pass. It's the cases where nothing passes that turn deadly.

Still, see if you can get in touch with a vet this morning to at least talk to them about her. especially if her stomach is still full feeling/looking.
I sure hope Ruby is OK...let us know as soon as there's any news.
Good news(VERY good news!!):

Ruby's tummy is now almost totally soft.. She ate a slice of red pepper and TWO big romaine leafs during the night (she was on my bed with me the entire night). She's not lethargic at all anymore, and when I put her back in the cage she was running around, coming up to me getting on the grids, and being happy. I am SOOO relieved that this wasn't a very serious problem with her- I was bawling half the night afraid that I would lose her. I'm going to call my vet and still make an appointment (he's a GREAT guinea pig specialist, knows practically EVERYTHING) just to make sure. I'm going to check on her every hour or so throughout the day, and have my mom or someone check on her while I'm having my party, that's from 5 to 9.

I'm going to feed her extra veggies at dinner time, because the girls ate her 1 cup of veggies last night. -__- Figures.
It was really funny last night, I somehow "programmed" myself to wake up every 30 minutes and check on Ruby, who was curled up in my horse fleece blanket(which I will have to wash a couple times XD).

I am just SOOO happy that she's okay. She seems totally fine now- but I'm giong to talk to my dad and ask for him to take me to the vets tomorrow.
That's great that Ruby is doing good.
That is such good news to hear! I am so pleased that Ruby seems to have gotten over whatever it was she had - you must be so relieved!
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