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Roxie Passed On

Res Judicata

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Jun 7, 2006
Yesterday we woke up to find Roxie, the black and white one in my avatar, dead in one of the hideys. She had been diagnosed with a tumor over a year ago and I didn't think the old girl would make it this long. She was seven years old. She had been to the vet on Tuesday and given antibiotic eye drops for an eye infection and an oral one because she sneezed out some discharge while there. She seemed to be doing better after a day, but on Friday her eating slowed way down. She just nibbled at lettuce and pellets and stopped going upstairs for hay. I figured I was losing her at that point. She was old, had been battling that tumor for over a year, weighed only 566 grams despite Critical Care feedings and was now battling infections on top of that. I kept an eye on her, but she didn't act like a pig in pain, so I decided that as long as she wasn't in pain, there was no need to put her to sleep. Also, I decided that hand feeding her was useless now and would only stress her out because she fought them terribly, so I just made sure she was comfortable. I wanted her last days to be as peaceful as possible. I simply kept up her medication so the infection wouldn't cause her discomfort and let nature take its course. I doubt even with hand feeding I could have stopped it anyway at this point. RIP Roxie. Now that you've rejoined Cloudy and Ginger, I hope you three are having a wonderful time in parsley fields.
so sorry to hear that ):
I'm very sorry to hear that. :weepy: I can't imagin that happening, I have my first 2. I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry....... I'm glad she went peacefully. RIP, little one.....
My deepest sympathy is with you on your loss. It sounds like you gave Roxie a comfortable, dignified end of life.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, sweet Roxie.
I love the name Roxie! Poor piggie, sounds like she knew it was her time to go and she passed peacefully. Rest in peace little piggy!! Hugs :love:
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