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Mites Rough Coat


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Apr 26, 2012
I have a boar that has a rough coat. I am not sure if that is normal. I have never had a pig that had a rough coat, they have always been smooth and silky. I just adopted him (literally, as I don't believe in purchasing from petstores). Now, he has mites and flaky skin. Plus he sheds A LOT. Is all of this due to the mites, poor prior nutrition, or is a coarse coat normal for some piggys? The other boar I adopted has a bald spot (adopted him from my sons teacher). He doesn't scratch or anything but does that mean he might have mites too. I have checked them both for lice and I don't see anything so I am assuming Charlie (the one with scabs and shedding fur) has a bad case of mites. He is going in to the Vet on Monday. Charlie is very very sweet and loves attention. He also eats veggies like they are going out of style. Unfortunately they have both only been fed seed their entire lives (Charlie is 1.5 yrs and Sammy is 2 yrs old). I cannot get Sammy to eat anything other than that darn seed and some hay (he decided that was good stuff). Charlie now gets excited when he hears a ziplock coming out of the fridge, lol. I have only had them for less than a week. I actually just got Charlie on Wednesday. Sammy does not like to be held very much, much less picked up, and he bites. Do we just keep trying with him or is it too late to tame him down? I have always had guinea pigs that popcorned and wheeked all day out of happiness. These guys don't do much talking at all. I have kept them in their cages that they came in to let them adjust to the house and to wait to move them til after I get rid of the mites before moving them to their 7foot by 3 foot c&c cage. I am hoping that will make them happier. Also, I notice that a lot of people are using fleece w/ towels for absorbancy these days instead of carefresh. Is this better for them? I am going to try it. I imagine it will be much more comfortable and it won't stick to their food. Sorry I am all over the place. Any help would be appreciated.


What you have is a teddy or teddy mix. They're my favorite breed of guinea pigs. I brush mine a lot because the rough, tight coat keeps the skin from getting ventilation and you'll find he gets dry, flaky skin. Brush him regularly and his skin and fur won't be so dry. If one has mites, they probably both do, so I'd have both of them treated. Mites are painful so a lot of times, guinea pigs that bite are reacting to their discomfort from the mites. Please post some photos. I'd love to see your cuties.
I will try and post photos tonight. I don't know where the camera is right at the moment. LOL Then I have to figure out how on earth to post them to the forum. I think I can figure it out though. Thank you for all of the info. I feel so bad for them. Thats the one thing about adoption, you never know what you are really getting because people will tell you one thing just to 'get rid' of them instead of treating them. I don't mind though because I love to hear the squeeks!
Mites are easily treated and you'll notice a big difference in them once they're mite free. I'm looking forward to seeing them. And I also wanted to say welcome!
Thank you! I am hoping there will be no more biting when they are mite free. I can't wait for them to be mite free too so I can get them in their new C&C cage. They will have to be much happier in that than they are in these small pet store cages. Those things are awful!
I would stop the seed mix right now. Even if all he eats is hay and some veggies, it will be better than eating that stuff. Once he is with his new companion he will probably learn to eat what the other guy does.
Thats just it, he won't touch veggies or fruit. He eats a little bit of hay but not a lot. Its all new to him. He has never had a proper diet and he is over 2 yrs old. I just don't want to cut him off and he starve. He wouldn't starve himself would he?
I'd cut him off the seeds, cold turkey. Their reluctance to eat probably has more to do with getting used to the new living environment than not wanting the food. They're prey animals and are probably still nervous. I've had a few that I've brought in that took quite a while to start eating. One in particular really had me worried. Once she settled down, though, she enjoyed the healthy food I fed her.
Will Charlie eventually stop trying to mate Sammy (they are both boars)? I have not let them stay a full night together yet because of that reason. Charlie is driving Sammy crazy with his trying to mount him. However, Charlie has some really great habits that I want Sammy to pick up on. Should I go ahead and let them live together permanently? They have been introduced several times, never any fighting, just Charlie asserting his, what I assume is dominance.
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