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Vegetables Rot before I feed them to the pigs


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Jul 25, 2011
My vegtables always go bad before I can use all of them. What should I do? I shop at hannaford and everything is prepackaged/rationed. Are there stores that let buy smaller amounts of vegetables? Thanks
Do you have a crisper/vegetable drawer in your fridge? I buy my vegetables in the produce section in the grocery stores. I go through a lot of vegetables and mine never go bad.
I believe I do. Do you cut yours up all at once or as you go day by day?
I believe I do. Do you cut yours up all at once or as you go day by day?

It depends. If I have time, I separate it, wash and dry the lettuce leaves and put it in the crisper. The only time I've had green leaf lettuce go bad is when I've had very wet lettuce in a sealed plastic bag.
Oh, I always have it in a plasic bag- maybe thats the problem
When ever I need to use plastic, I set unscented paper towel in the bag. Most of the time, though, I prefer using brown paper bags. Also, is there somewhere you can purchase by the pound? I hope this helps!
Thanks, I never thought of brown paper bags :)
One of the kids here did a science project on keeping produce fresh and those green bags from as seen on tv did work better for keeping your produce fresher than grocery store and zip top bags.
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