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Keeping Warm Rolling blackouts and single digit temps in Texas - terrified

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Ok thank you and about the profile pic?
Look under your profile. The picture has to be of a guinea pig. If it's your pig, you'll have to upload to your profile site.
My work still has no power. Half the shopping center at the mall does but apparently a pet store and vet aren't important. I went to a different petstore and they had NO hay...I had to get Kaytee hay. :( at least it was fresh looking.
Bless your heart I know that we try to avoid getting Kaytee but at least they have hay. Better than having no hay, we all try don't feel bad.
You can´t change your tag. Its based on how long you have used the forum as to how high your ranking is. To choose a profile picture, go to my account, and under ¨My settings¨ there will be a thing called choose profile picture.
Thank you very much
Question on if this happens again in the future. Is it okay to overload the pigs with lots of hay and pellets since it was getting down to 42 degrees? Before I left, I gave them as much food as possible so that they had plenty to keep them going. I was only gone overnight. It was all gone when I came back.
Hay is the one thing you can't go overboard on. Pellets, yes, but I would say if it's not a regular occurrence then it would be ok. Running out of food is not a good idea.
Usually they only get pellets like every other day. Considering they could have died I figured the more the better so they have the energy to keep warm.
It is a mess @bpatters. I was worried about you there in Texas.

We had -25 temps with -40 windchills here in the midwest. Due to the great planning of the morons in charge they closed one of our local power plants a few years ago and put us on the shared grid with other states - the good ol' Southwest Power Pool.

Well, due to the needs elsewhere especially in Texas we had rolling outages for several days during the coldest weather with no warning. There were a lot of frozen & burst pipes all around fairly quickly. A few deaths as well unfortunately.

It's ridiculous.

I hope things continue to improve for you there!
My heart goes out to you in Texas and anywhere there are power outages and fresh water issues. I’m in MN so cold is a way of life half the year. I can’t imagine being without heat and all the consequences. I hope you and your pets and families stay safe.
Well everything is fine and dandy now. Once I knew the power would stay on, I moved the pigs out of the center of my room and back against the wall so I could finally move freely thru my room. The pigs don't even know anything happened, I'm sure.
That is great I moved my piggies back to there for place. I believe every thing is going back to normal this week.
By the way how do you chose a profile pic and how to change my tag for cavy newbie, because in my personal opinion I think I am more of a cavy slave.
Well, you have to be on here daily I forget how many times you have to visit though...:confused:

Edited by bpatters: No, you don't have to be on here daily. You have to have been a member for 30 days.
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Thanks I love talking about guinea pigs and no one I know has them or does anything with them. Plus I love seeing how my fellow piggie lovers are doing.
Yeah, it seems like everyone has dogs nowadays. Not that I don't like dogs. The closest to a guinea pig my friend has is a hamster.
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