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Injury Ripped a nail off!


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Jul 8, 2011
Seems that my piggies have ALOT going on recently. One who's preggers and not giving birth (we're over 65 days at the least!). One who had some weird discharge (which has since stopped, thank God). Now, another piggie ripped her nail off.

My sister noticed Popcorn with blood on her chin last night. We immediately picked her up and realized that she had ripped a nail completely off. It was definately bloody and I think it terrified my poor pig (not to mention it probably hurt like heck). We got the bleeding under control and I held her until there was a proper clot formed.

We decided to put her in another temporary cage with a white towel to monitor if she was bleeding again. Luckily she has not bled again. We did call the vet who said it was actually a good thing the whole nail came off so nothing could catch the excess piece.

Can I do anything for Popcorn to help the nail heal/grow back? I'm already putting antibiotic cream on it - which she doesn't lick off. She seems quite exhausted today. I don't know if she's just bored from being in the cage or if she was just stressed from yesterday or whatever else.

The thing I'm wondering is actually how it happened. Would another pig attack her and rip a nail off? I've never heard of such a thing. We didn't hear any squealing or running about but I know that doesn't mean they wouldn't have been fighting. Popcorn has been trying to show off her dominance in the last while but I can't imagine Fluffy (alpha female) biting her nail off! Normally Fluffy just raises her head and head butts her - never any biting. So, back to the question, would another piggie rip a nail off? If not, I guess it must have got caught on something...no idea what though.
It's doubtful that another pig pulled it off. It most likely got caught on something. I would not separate her from the others.
I had a pig rip a nail off completely once - and it was a complete mystery as to how it had happened. I agree that it was probably not another pig, but rather it getting stuck on something somehow. It may or may not grow back - no way to know until you give it some time.

The best thing is to keep the area clean and keep applying very small amounts of antibiotic cream (silver sulfadiazine cream is best, if you have it) for a few days. I'd also look over the cage and see if there's a way it might have gotten caught somewhere so you can remedy the situation to avoid it happening again.

I'm sorry to hear you're having so many issues but it sounds like you got to this one quickly and have it under control.
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