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RIP Mooy


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Jun 20, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] RIP Mooy[GuineaPigCages.com] RIP Mooy[GuineaPigCages.com] RIP Mooy
(Hank Died 10 mins after the last picture)

I had Hank ( AKA Mooy) for only 7 days. He was my Halloween baby, the first playmate of my piggie, Henry, who has been alone the 4 years before.

I get my pigs,food, Etc from the local PetSmart ( Don't yell at me, it's the only place i can get rodents, out of the 7 rodents i've gotten from there, 2 were ill)

Anyhow, I went to get my lovly boys to cuddle on the bed when I saw Hank gasping. I Knew he then was dieing.
3 days earlier, I noted him being odd ( I can't remember what,I think he was sneezeing, runny nose, crusty eyes) He'd get better one day then sick the next. My mother and i debated takeing him back for medical care ( As Petsmart has a policy, "If your pet dies,becomes ill, or you do not want it anymore within 14 days, you may bring it back to exchange it or recieve a refund.Should the ill pet become healthly, you may buy it back)

As Hank's symptoms improved, we decieded to wait it out.
That night, as I go tthe two out to play, Hank was gasping.
I picked him out and help him in my arms untill he left me.
He was always a sweety.

Now I had to worry about my pig. I called petsmart the next day, asking them if i bring the body there to show it's dead, could i bring it back home to bury it. I was told "Yes".
The employee took his body in the little box I was going to bury him away.
We got the choice of getting a new pig right away or getting the refund.
I chose the refund, i'm so glad I did.
The next few days, Henry was showing the same signs.
I begged and pleaded for mom to take him to the vet.( Banifield, which is next to PetSmart, the vet we took the dog to didn't treat exotic pets)
Anyhow, Henry was diganosed with a Bacteria infection, given a shot to boost his vitiam C, and meds i had to give him; 2 force fed and one eye drops.
It costed $142.

Henry made a full recovery, and i've been trying to beg my mom into getting him a friend. He and I enjoyed Hank's company, though it was far too short.

Hank was a baby pig too.

I Do realise the fault in my actions, I should of tooken heed to the quartine I was supposed to get Hank in.

RIP Mooy <3
Rest in peace, Mooy.
What a horrible thing, to lose a pet. Even if you had him for a week. That's horrible that he would take away your pet. If they did that, I would yell at them until they returned him. He should be buried at home. I wish that pet stores would stop abusing their animals so terrible things like this wouldn't happen! :( Hopefully you will be able to adopt, and your next piggy will be healthy enough to live the life that it deserves. You can't beat yourself up about his death, but it's good that you recognize your mistakes, and won't repeat them. At least you have Hank to help you heal. <3 RIP Mooy
I'm sorry you lost your pig, but glad that you recognize that you should always follow a full quarantine. It's for the protection of your current pig, as well as your pocketbook.

I recommend that you never use a pet store vet for your exotic animals. They're geared toward dogs and cats, and most of their vets have absolutely no skill with exotics. You need to look around for a vet that knows something about cavies.

If I were you, I'd give up on the pet stores. Their pigs are often ill and/or have parasites. And there are plenty of other places to get pets where their sale/adoption/rescue isn't supporting breeding mills and horrific conditions.

The next time you look, try Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder. Even if there's no rescue near you, contact them anyway. Most rescues are just a group of foster homes, and they can be spread over a fairly wide area. If they don't have a pig at the moment, they can take your name and let you know when they get one in.

Craigslist and Kijiji are other places to look. You can also contact vets around you and ask to be notified if someone mentions to them that they want a pig rehomed.
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