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RIP Louie


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Cavy Slave
Jun 19, 2009
Yesterday Louie seemed fine.

This morning, I went downstairs to gather their food bowls. Normally, they run to the sides of the cage and start wheeking like crazy when they see me. I noticed he was just laying down resting and didn't even look up when I got to the cage.

With full food bowls, I went back downstairs and now Louie was laying on his back. I had pigs pass before so I knew this could be the beginning of his passing.

I picked him up and brought him upstairs. I put him on a towel on my bed. I called the vet and brought him in.

She had just seen him a week ago but today was a different story. She suspected a neurological issue just like I did but I had never seen one that came on so quickly. Even as of yesterday, he was fine.

Now came the hard part. She said there were some treatments available but given his age (7 1/2 yrs) and how severe the neuro issue was, she gave success with the treatment, about 10-20% chance.

She also mentioned euthanasia as an option to prevent any suffering.

She walked out to give me some time to consider my options. As I stood there, the reality of the situation hit me and I started to cry. As I petted his fur, I knew that prolonging his situation when his body was racked with tremors and muscle spasms leaving him unable to stand or even to support his own body, was not the humane thing to do.

She came back in and asked if I had come to a decision. Through my tears, I nodded. We talked a little about it and she softly said, "I think you're making the right decision". She left to get the paperwork and while she was gone, he started having severe sezures where his entire body seized and it confirmed for me that euthanasia was the right option.

So goodbye sweet Louie. I know you weren't with me all that long but I did love the time we had together.

Sleep well, little one. Say hello to all those piggies across the rainbow bridge. You will be missed.

[GuineaPigCages.com] RIP Louie
I'm so sorry.... I agree that you did the right thing. I can't stand seeing them suffer and you allowed him to go with dignity. I'm sure that my little ones that have crossed the bridge were waiting for Louie with open paws......
Rest in peace little guy...you're a strong,kind person to have made this decision.
I'm sorry for your loss. Such a hard decision. He'll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest in peace, dear Louie. I am so sorry for your loss, @CavyMama, but I agree with your vet that you did the responsible and right thing.
I know all the piggies on the Rainbow Bridge, including my beloved Oliver, are welcoming Louie with happy wheeks!
Much love coming your way today ❤️
Thanks everyone. I know he's no longer suffering and I can take comfort in that. I know, given his condition, it was the right decision but one that I had never had to make until now.

At 7 1/2, he was definitely a geriatric pig but did not seem a day over 3 years old. When Trio went blind in one eye, Louie became his caretaker and made sure he knew it was time to eat. Louie would nudge Trio in the right direction if he couldn't see where the bowl was. He also would keep an eye on Trio, sleeping next to him in his cuddle cup, always with his front paws on it, making sure Trio was okay.

Louie was a Craigslist re-home. The guy was getting married and moving into his grandmother's house until the wedding and needed to rehome his guinea pig, called Tiger at the time.

I drove a little over an hour to meet Tiger and when I saw him, I could see that the name was a fitting one as "Tiger" was mostly black with stripey orange markings. He was a unique looking pig with a personality to match.

I'll miss you, buddy. You were an awesome little dude.

[GuineaPigCages.com] RIP Louie
I'm sorry :sad:
I'm so sorry for the loss of such a cute and friendly little guy.
I am so very deeply sorry for your heart-breaking loss....much love to you friend...❤️ The way you handled the whole thing was so so tender, so loving..Louie was so very blessed to have had a Mom like you.:love:
RIP Louie :( Much hugs and piggy cuddles sent your way.
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