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RIP Lola

New Piggy Mom

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Oct 13, 2011
I originally got Lola to give my current guinea, Ziva, a cagemate and friend. However, I quickly fell in love. She was a beautiful, friendly (yet somewhat spunky), extremely funny and vocal little girl.

I am still in shock. Saturday I woke to find her sprawled out in the cage. She passed away a mere 4 hours later that day, despite the vet's best efforts to give her a fighting chance. I still don't understand how she got so sick so quickly. :(

Every day I find something else I miss about her.

-Her high-pitched squeak everytime she heard the crackle of a bag, because she was just SURE it was a treat for her.

-Her absolute fearlessness toward people when there was food involved.

-How cute she looked (almost like she was smiling) with a piece of romaine in her mouth.

-The hilarious way she would DIVE INTO the hayrack and just wallow in the hay.

-The way she brought Ziva out of her shell, and how they would "talk" and play together.

-The guinea pig trains she would lead across my bedroom floor.

-Her absolute downy-soft fur.

-The shape of her ears, and the gleam in her eyes which made her absolutely perfectly beautiful.

I will miss her deeply. There will never be another pig like her. And I know that Ziva will her too.

My only two joys are in her memory, and in knowing how much joy she is bringing over the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Lola
I never got to take her picture (among my regrets :() But this lovely guinea is almost a twin of my lovely Lola.
I am very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and Ziva :love:
I'm sorry for your loss...She's smiling with a piece of romaine in her mouth across the bridge as we speak:love:
I'm so sorry for your loss. Was your vet able to determine what the cause of death was? If not, keep a close eye on Ziva in case whatever it was might be contagious. You might want to even consider having Ziva checked as a precaution. These little ones make such an impact on us. Please accept my condolences.
I'm so sorry. =(
I am so sorry you lost your sweet little piggy.
So sorry to hear about Lola
I am so sorry for the loss of sweet Lola:weepy:....thank you for sharing so eloquently, all about her. Sending you big warm hugs:love: and prayers during this time of great sorrow. May your heart be comforted in knowing that she had a wonderful loving home with you. Lola is now at peace and pain free, running happily and eating lots of clover, over the rainbow bridge of heaven. You are not alone...we all hurt with, and for you too.
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