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RIP Chewy from Piggiepigpigs


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Apr 3, 2012
Chewy from Piggiepigpigs has just passed due to a URI (posted by Laura's fb)
I saw I was crying poor guy, R.I.P sweet Chewwy :(
Aw :( RIP Chewy, it goes to show you how deadly a URI really is. Piggiepigpigs is one of the people who really got me hooked on guinea pigs, so I feel very sad for her, and the other pigs, as they must all miss Chewy. :(
Rip chewy
Awww. So sorry.
I'm so sorry to hear this!!! It was Laura and her wonderful piggie videos that got my little girl so into guinea pigs that I finally said we could get some. We used to watch hours of piggypigpigs every day, we sort of feel like we knew them. oh damn it I'm crying now!!!
I saw that on facebook this morning & broke out in tears.
R.I.P Chewwy <3
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