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Rikku's eBay Fun!!

Rikku Otaku

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Cavy Slave
Mar 22, 2005
Hehehe, check out my weird and wonderful stuff! :p I have new stuff all the time! ^_^

(broken link removed)[/url]
Why are you posting this all over the forums??
I've only posted it twice, not all over the place. And I've explained why in the other thread. Sorry.
Your avatar is not allowed. It must be cavy related.
I'm doing well here, aren't I... ¬_¬"

Sorry. I'll change it. But wouldn't it have been better to have PM'd me instead of posting here waisting space?
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It's only wasting space when you double post, or spam like "lalala I like candy."
As long as its productive most of the time its ok.
Rikku, it's ok. Just a minor mistake that you fixed =)
Thanks Piglet. ^_^ I feel like such a n00b though! XD
Thanks for fixing it :) I just didn't want you to get in trouble.
Nah, beware Rikku, slap just likes to moan at everyone.

he he, just messing with you
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Hehehe! Thanx though. My ickle Gaara piggy ish now my avatar. ^^
Rikku, as in FFX?
^ yes, same question here. Gotta love, love, love that game!
I have been playing FFX when I have spare time lately, but I haven't had hardly any spare time in the last week.
Well, it is her name, and it isn't. Lol! Let me explain, after hearing it in FFX, I really liked the name Rikku, so I tried to find out what it meant in Japanese, but it doesn't mean anything apprently. It's just a name. But, I name up the name Ririkku instead, and searched for that, and foudn out it means "Lyric". So I used to have that name, but then changed it to Rikku, coz I like that better. And the Otaku I kinda borrowed from my fiance because his online name is Phoenix Otaku. Hehehe!! So yeah, it all started because Rikku on FFX. Her and Yuna are my fave characters from that game. ^_^ I love FF games!!
I love FFX! I've been playing it like crazy, lately. My favorite characters are probably Lulu, Tidus, and Yunie. The ending sucks! It's soooo sad, I really love it, but I hate it. Has anyone beaten it yet?
Yeah, I've beaten it. Have you played FFX-2 yet? I beat that too! XD I HAD to because I was sooo annoied at the ending to FFX!! The thing with FFX-2 is, it has a couple of different endings. I've seen them both, and I advise you get 100% completion! It's worth it if you love Tidus. Hehehe!! ;)
I've beaten FFX twice and I'm slowly whittling away on X-2.. The ending did suck. I actually cried. Does that make me a sad person? ;)
Lol! No it doesn't. Unless I'm sad too! XD
Why did you cry? Because it was crap?
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