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Blog Rescued two piggies today. A short story, Part 4.

Blog entry from old forum


Cavy Slave
Feb 9, 2015
Right now!

So, I sat and watched them for awhile. Not only to talk to them and see how they acted, but to try and catch a glimpse of their tummies, which I could not.

Instead, what I watched was very fun. The older sister instantly assumed dominance. She rumblestrutted diagonally across the cage, then paced the edge, stopping to rub her butt on the fleece (home sweet home!), and then rumblestrutted at the corner again diagonally to the other side.

It was really as if she was marking her half of the bedroom, and lil sis was not allowed past that point.

So lil sis sat in the corner and watched a few rounds, then she got up and followed big sis. Like follow the leader. Big sis would strut across, and lil sis would follow, not strutting, but then when big sis would rub her butt, lil sis did the same thing. Big sis would stop and sit, and little sis would stand and wait behind her until she got up and continued the dance, and then take her spot and sit for exactly as long. Oh, they also played a bit of freeze tag.

After the fleece was sufficiently butted-up, they did a bit of barbering and then decided that they were going to rest on the drip mat (actually the ramp cover laid across the edge with the food and water) with their faces in the hay, nibbling occasionally.

And that is where they have stayed for the last 4 hours, give or take. There's poop on the lime couch, but I think that's less about them trying it out, and more about it being in the corner they decided was for pooping, since the spot I thought they'd poop in is actually their bed... lol

Oh, I forgot! They still haven't wheeked one wheek! They have just been chattering between each other. Little mumbles, chatters, and purrs. They are SO talkative! It was adorable.

As I have come and gone to check on them, they eventually ate through they hay, and I replaced it with more hay...and the most bizarre thing happened. Well, bizarre to me.

Rosetta runs to the edge of her cage, scurring back and fourth, climbing up on her hind legs and trying to get a peek at what I'm doing. It's like she's thinking, 'Where's that hay going? What's over there?'.
So, I go and wash my hands and walk back past Rosetta and she lets out a huge wheek. I glance over, check her water, hay, and pellets and all is well with the world. She has a half-full silo of hay. (It's a grid I curved into a circle and mounted sideways. Works better than when it was vertical, I think. Something new we're trying.) I shrug, send her kisses, and keep walking. She lets out another wheek, and runs around her cage in a circle. I come and stand next to the cage and she...looks up at me, runs under her silo, then runs back. I ask if she wants some hay, too. She replies by running to her silo, and standing up to place her paws on the edge of it, and looks inside, then back to me.

...you gotta be kidding me. It's, at that point, 3 hours into this whole dual piggy cage situation, and she's already doing the 'If they get some, I do, too!' thing... It's half-full! I slumped my shoulders and gave her a look, and she just stood there like I was sttaarrvvinngg her because I didn't stick some in her silo, too.

So I did, and she waited for me to be done...looked at the hay, then went back into her hut and laid down.

...I am a slave. D:


Yeah...so... I dunno where this is heading, but I think I made a good choice. They haven't even met yet and Rosetta is already perking up. And I've certainly had fun just in tonight. (With the exception of the potential issues...but we'll get through them!) Oh, that's also why this is titled 'rescued' and not adopted.

Everything is better in threes, they say. :D
I absolutely love your story... I can't wait to see all your piggies and learn their names and things.So cute!!!
Hi I love your story, so cute! I'm quite new to this website, and was wondering if you could help me out with something. How do I post a question for others to help me out with?
CarlyL;bt8278 said:
Hi I love your story, so cute! I'm quite new to this website, and was wondering if you could help me out with something. How do I post a question for others to help me out with?

When you go to the "blog" page, there is a pink button that says "create new post". You click in that, write what you need to write, and wait for a reply!

Hope this helps :D
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