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General Rescued baby's diary


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Jul 23, 2011
Some of you know I rescued a baby guinea pig earlier this week. I thought i would keep track of her progress here.

The day I got her:
After being jerked around by these people i finally got her. She was way smaller than I expected, and way cuter too!
She ate lots of hay, not many pellets, no veggies. There's a scabby bit by her right eye, it looks like mites.
Rescued baby's diary

I started adding chopped green peppers to her pellets. She started eating pellets and ate lots of hay. I weighed her at 210g.

Her eye looks much better! The thick scabs have come off, the skin looks healthier. She weighed in at 221g. I started supplemental feedings, pellets ground up with veggies and water. She loved it and happily chowed down.

Happy mucky face!
Rescued baby's diary

Her eye now
Rescued baby's diary

She's such a sweety, but I still can't pick a name though.
Hehe when I first read the post I thought you named her mucky face! It could be a cute name!
I'm going to keep an eye on this thread, update a lot ok? Very cute guy, and so small!

When you say they jerked you around, what happened? Also what's the story with your pig? Shelter or what? Good luck!

Edited: it might just be me but I can't see the last two pictures.
Oh my goodness -- so cute! Just a little puffball!
I couldn't see the pictures at first either, but then the second time on here I saw them-weird.
I had to fix the link on the last two, that's why it wasnt working.

Getting her was...difficult.
Canadian comforts (who is a friend of mine) posted an ad on her facebook page that she saw on kijiji. The ad said "I have a guinea pig in my tub, I need it gone ASAP!"

After a few emails I found out it was a tiny female they had found in a box and they had no where to put her. They wouldn't let me pick her up that day, the next day I spent 1 1/2 hours in a parking lot waiting for more directions. Then I got a weird story about a family emergency, but the person (who wouldnt even give me a name) posted more ads about other pets and wanting pets on kijiji.
The next day they told me a friend was taking her, so I gave up.

On Sunday I got a text that said "if you want her come this afternoon." and an address. So i went. This woman met me at the door holding the pig, gave her to me, and shut the door. I just wanted to get the piggy out of that situation. So i left.

I didnt pay anything, but I have no idea what the real story was.

Shes such a sweetheart. And apparently a little pig! I left her some of the pellet and veggie glop in a bowl, a few tablespoons, and she ate it all in about 2 hours! Ill give her more for dinner in a bit, with some chopped veggies snuck in ;) man, for a little thing she can sure put it away!
She looks like she's very young. My baby guinea pig weighed 300g at just over 4 weeks old. She was super super skinny when I got her too and we'd had her about a week when I weighed her the first time. I wanted to plump her up some first. We rescued her and were told she was already about 5 weeks but it turned out she was only 3 when we took her home. She was filthy and skinny and since she has longer hair it was very gross and smelly.

I'm so glad you got her and she's got a loving home. She might have had a rough start but it looks like she'll be loved and given great care from now on. You must post what you name her, she's so sweet! I already have names picked out for future piggies if their personalities fit them. I'm going with cartoon piggie names. Olivia, Peppa, Petunia, stuff like that.
I like 'old lady' type names for piggies. My other girls are Ruth and Willow.

I kind of like Menolly, Sorka...I like Irish names too.
What are your favorite movies? Books? Favorite foods even? One of sweet pig gals is named after Padame from Star-Wars. If I ever get a male, I want to name him Sir Tatertot.

I like old lady names too. :) I think your girl looks like an Eloise!Or Linda.

I wonder if you picked her up from a breeder. Sounds kinda strange. I'm so glad you rescued her!! She is very pretty. :)
I don't know, but I didn't pay for her. So, even if it was a breeder, I wasn't lining her pockets. I would have had a really hard time leaving her if the woman had demanded money though...

Canadiancomforts says she's probably about 3-4 weeks old.
I weighed her yesterday and she was almost breaking 250g! This silly baby is putting on about 11g a day, is that normal for a young pig?

She's been much less enthused about her mash the last few days. I bought some alfalfa based pellets and she doesn't like them. Should I just go back to using the adult oxbow pellets, and feed her veggies that are higher in calcium?

On another positive she's being very sweet and chatty. While I'm holding her and feeding her she chatters at me the whole time. Telling me all about how exciting her day is, I'm sure. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with what I'm doing, so I don't think it's complaining. She just chatters on the whole time I'm holding her, it's very cute.

She took a peice of pepper from me on Saturday night, which was great because I know she's eating bell pepper chunks, and also because she's taking food from me!

Pics later :)
My baby pig is 6 months old and she chatters like crazy!!! She's me my most vocal piggie out of the three I have. I think the younger a pig is, the more they chatter/wheek. :) Your baby is adorable!
The baby is still doing great. I attached a picture of her, she is growing like a little weed!

She is finally eating her veggies! Last night she hot a yummy salad of lettuce, Bell peppers (green and yellow), a piece of carrot, and parsley. She ate the whole thing! That's the first time she didn't just pick out the peppers and leave the rest.

The scab ny her eye seems to be healing, the skin looks much better. Her other scab seems to be healing too. Hopefully soon she'll be big enough to treat for mites.

I also reorganized her cage a bit...pic attached. Under the second level is her hay bin.


uploadfromtaptalk1326921094032.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1326921376526.jpg
Aww, she's so cute! Have you decided on a name yet, or any mane types you like? If she's growing like a "weed" Weed could be a cute name- I like different/object names :)
She is adorable!
AWWW! Adorable baby piggie! That too bad she had a rough start, atleast she has a better home with you.
I think I've finally picked a name! (which spells doom for me finding her another home, lol) I'm going to call her Megameg, after a young character in a book series I just finished reading. The character is a little shy, but very sweet, and a cute little female. Perfect! Not to mention I think Megameg is a great guinea pig name :)

I have learned something new about her. She really likes me to 'talk' back to her. She chatters and whirps, and she really likes it when I immitate guinea pig noises back at her. We had a whole little conversation last night, very cute!
Oh wow! She is as small as my Honey was when I first got her!! :) And she is so cute!! And so is the name :)
Well my bf scrapped 'megameg', so the little one is nameless again.

She is also gaining weight like a...pig! Lol. She's up to 331, so hopefully I'll be able to treat her for mites next week.

I am wondering one thing...if I do decide to keep her how long after I start treating until she can go into the big cage with the girls?

The fur is growing back quickly by her eye, and I can't even find the spot on her hip. I'm still going to treat her, obviously.

Anyways, pics attached :)

Cuddle time!
Rescued baby's diary

Look how big I am!
Rescued baby's diary

Attempting to take a pic to show the hair growing back by her eye...
Rescued baby's diary
That eye looked like fungus to me. Are you seeing anything else to make you suspect mites?
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