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Jun 24, 2012
I just adopted a guinea pig! She is about two years old according to the lady I adopted her from and has been passed around for most of her life. She is the sweetest little thing.
The lady I got her thinks she has been without a companion for most of her two years. Knowing how social guinea pigs are though, I really wanted to get her a companion. I was just wondering what everyone else thought about a two year old getting a companion for the first time? Thanks!
Shouldn't be a problem. If you go to a rescue, they can help you pair up a pig with a compatible personality. Otherwise, you might try a younger females. Girls tend to pair up easier than males so hopefully it won't be difficult to find her a friend.
Well it seems like things may be falling into place for a companion for her. I know someone with some babies that will be available. She adopted a female from an accidental litter and, what was supposed to be, a neutered boar and ended up with a litter of her own. She now has 4 little 3 week old babies. And at least with that I wouldn't have to worry about diseases that could be found with a pet store companion.

I was just wondering what you thought about me having my girl a little more bonded/trusting of me before I get her a companion? Or maybe a companion that is already trusting of people would be good for her?

I would look for a neutred boar.

And I wouldn´t keep her alone longer just in the hope she might get tamer. I would get her a companion as soon as possible.

Getting a already tame on as a partner would be helpful.
I think pairing her up with a girl would be okay. The only thing I'm hesitant about with the babies, is that at 3 weeks they can be under developed and you do not want to missex and end up with a male. At four weeks they can be sexually mature, and produce a litter. Do not get from a petstore, please please please. Look at other rescue pigs. Just ensure you get another female, or a neutered boar. Although please be careful with neutered boars, sometimes it isn't done correctly. Your best bet would be a younger female.
I think the only way I'm going to get a neutered boar around here is to have him neutered myself. Unfortunately the rescue out here has only two bonded pairs at the moment and they're males. I'll keep searching for companions and see if I can find a neutered boar.

I can post progress on my searches if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the help. I honestly do research like crazy before even considering a new addition and yet there is still nothing like getting "in the moment" help.
There's nothing wrong with pairing her with a baby girl. If you are worried that they might be sexed wrong you can post photos here and we can try to help you.
Well I have been in touch with the person I know with some babies up for adoption and I'm going to be talking to her more tomorrow. I asked if she would be okay with a meet and greet so that my little girl Penelope could more or less pick a friend. In this situation (adopting a friend from the person who raised said friend), a quarantine wouldn't be necessary would it? I would assume this person would know by now if any of the babies are not healthy. If the quarantine is necessary, I do still have the pet store cage Penelope came with.

I also bought some new cubes that are the right size and set up a 3x3 bottom level (which adds up to a little more than 12 square feet) and then a 1x2 loft. Right now Penelope is in a 2x3 one level. I don't want to move her into the new setup until I've brought home her companion as I'm guessing it would be best to introduce them to a new cage instead of having the new girl "invade" Penelope's territory.

Does this all sound okay? Thanks!
I also bought some new cubes that are the right size and set up a 3x3 bottom level (which adds up to a little more than 12 square feet) and then a 1x2 loft. Right now Penelope is in a 2x3 one level. I don't want to move her into the new setup until I've brought home her companion as I'm guessing it would be best to introduce them to a new cage instead of having the new girl "invade" Penelope's territory.

I'm not sure about the first part (meet and greet/quarantine) but you're right about the cage! It's best to wait until introductions if you're going to make a new cage :)

I'm not quite sure how you're going to make a 1x2 loft on a 3x3 cage though... Did you mean a 1x3 loft?
The loft is a 1x2. I was going to add a support beam type thing on the side that hangs over the cage. And the corner that is not included in the loft will have a fleece forest. I can post some pictures once I've made more progress with it.
Just my $.02, but I'd pair her with a younger girl rather than a neutered boar, particularly if I had to wait to find a boar.
Well Penelope is going to be having a little play date on Friday in hopes she can make a friend. Fingers crossed!
Just remember that just because they are getting along at the meet and greet, doesn't mean they always will. Getting a baby means she'll go through Puberty. It's easier with females, but it still could happen.
Well unfortunately due to the horrible heat we have had, our meet and greet did not work out last week. I'm hoping to try to reschedule but the person with the babies doesn't really seem interested anymore and I'm not quite sure why. I've been checking rescues and Craigslist. I'm still really hoping I can find a friend for Penelope.
I found someone on Craigslist looking to rehome her son's two guinea pigs (a 1.5 year old mother and her 6 month old daughter). I'm just not quite sure how it would go introducing a bonded pair to Penelope. I don't want her feeling like an outsider in her own home.
I do have enough cubes to make a cage that should be big enough for three pigs. I'm pretty sure the two on Craigslist are in a store bought cage right now.
What does everyone think about getting Penelope a bonded pair for companions?

I do have a cavy savvy vet near me so I was thinking about contacting them also. You never know if they have anything dropped off. I also wanted to talk to them about the cost of neutering. Seems I see more males for adoption than females. I would have the room to keep a male and Penelope in a divided cage until the male was neutered. I'm just not sure about the cost of it. I have enough money saved for an emergency situation, I just don't know if I can see spending emergency money on that. Opinions??

Thanks so much everyone!
I have adopters often that add a single pig to a pair, or a pair to a single pig. It usually works out well.

I all depends on the personalities of the pigs involved, and the cage size.
Well I have found two possible friends for Penelope.
One is about a 1.5 and the other is 1.
The person with the 1 year old said she wasn't sure of its gender so I emailed her and asked for a picture of the pig's parts so I could sex it. I also mentioned I was looking for a companion for my two year old female. She responded by saying she took it to a vet to have it sexed and the vet said it was female (and did not include a picture). Now I don't know if I'm just being pessimistic, but does that seem odd? I would hate to drive out there only to find out it is actually a male.
The 1.5 year old is in a tiny pet store cage with what looks like a wheel and wire flooring. I really want to take her before she breaks her back or a foot!
Would one of those ages be preferred as a new friend for a 2 year old? I sort of want to explore the idea of taking both but I really don't think I could manage three guinea pigs. What to do? :/

The age doesn't make any difference -- they're very close in age.

The main difference between three and two is whether your cage will accommodate a third pig and whether or not you have money for vet bills if necessary. The food difference is minimal, and so is the bedding.
I think you'd be fine with either age. It's so exciting that it looks like you have two good prospects now. I think you'll be very pleased with your piggy's personality changes when she gets a friend. Amy was always pretty social with us, and I think that helped Quinn learn to trust us when we adopted her. Seeing the two of them play together and interact is so much fun. You're going to love having a pair (or trio).
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