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Report cover spine-things for coroplast gards



Report cover spine-things for coroplast gards

Does anyone know if you can buy just the spine part to cover the coroplast? I don't know what I'm going to do with that many clear plastic covers!

Has anyone tried any brands of cage guards on the coroplast? I used to buy short or 6' lengths of the plastic kind to snap on my wire cages. Same idea and you just cut the lengths to size. I think Morton Jones, KW Cages, and the like carry it still.


Re: Report cover spine-things for coroplast gards

We just bought a long piece of untreated wood, about a 1"x1" and it sits on a grid hole on each end--runs the length of the cage. Not only will this prevent them from chewing on the coroplast, it will give them something good to chew. At least that's the theory. Just did it last night. Will see how it goes and do photos this weekend. I've been meaning to try it for a long time.

When I bought the spines, I had to be a whole box of 50 with the report covers and toss them. :(


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cage guards

Well, at that rate it's cheaper and easier to order the cage guards. I think it used to be 6 ft for $1.25 or so, but I'm sure that was at least 6-8 years ago.

Hmmm... The wood is interesting. Let us know for sure how it goes. I've tried lots of wood gadgets in the cages for years, but I eventually burned them all. Too many splinters, too dirty, etc. I simply must put all of the accessories in the dishwasher or to soak in the tub!
Re: Report cover spine-things for coroplast gards

I got them in a pack of 20 from an office supply store. I didn't have to buy the clear plastic covers with them.
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