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General Repainting one of our rooms with GPs


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Feb 19, 2020
Hi everyone!

Ive been living at home because of the COVID situation and my guinea pigs (2) have been staying in my room with me. We recently decided that we’re going to repaint my room in the next few weeks or so and I’m worried about how that might affect them. We were planning on having them stay in our study while we painted, but I know that guinea pigs are very susceptible to URIs and I was wondering how soon after painting we’d be able to bring them back into the room. I haven’t done any paint projects in a while but I know that the paint fumes can be quite strong and I just want to make sure that I wouldn’t be causing my piggies any discomfort by bringing them back into the room too soon.
I would encourage you to use paint that has no VOC's. The odor is extremely slight, almost to the point of having no odor. I've not painted the room where my pigs are located but we did paint the other rooms in our house including the hallway leading into the pigs room. Once the paint dries it has no odor at all. I would say that once you can no longer smell any paint fumes it would be okay to bring your pigs back into the room. If you have an air purifier that would also help to dissipate any odors.

To be on the safe side you could leave them in the study for 2-3 days. After that time frame I would feel completely comfortable in bringing them into your room.
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