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repainting cage tray-should I or not


Cavy Slave
Apr 27, 2005
I'm new to this board but what I've seen I wish I found you sooner.Well we are getting a few new additions. We have quite a few animals now, but have put others on hold to be picked up after I get their cages ready. My son and daughter lost a rabbit and a guinea pig.When I went to search for gp saw 3 rabbits given away to free homes,so I got them and 2 new gp's. I know what was I thinking. I know how could someone get an animal then just give it away 2 are angora rabbits ,one dwarf and smooth hair Gp.
Now to my question I have 2 cages that I would like to use again but the trays need some paint or coating? Any ideas as to what to get?Looking at the C&C cages I will invest in them later.
You don't want to use any kind of paint or coating, this can be very harmful to the animals.
Thankyou for the reply any other ideas for short term. My next would be to just put puppy pads down under where the tray would go.
Why don't you just spend the paint money on grids and start from scratch? I hate store bought cages and surely they are not big enough for all those animals anyhow.
You say the bottoms have trays? I'm betting they must be small then as the largest store bought cages don't usually come with removable trays. (sorry if I'm wrong)
One cage I have is a two story cage,its pretty big. That would be for the angoras. I have a smaller one for the dwarf rabbit for now. I also have a rabbit hutch which is also pretty big. So I only want to fix up the 2 story for them. I looked for the grids yeterday at walmart but didn't find them. Where would they be located?
At Target. Walmart generally does not carry them. The are called "Organize It's" and usually come in black and white.
The only way you would be able to paint the trays is to use pet safe paint but it's kinda expensive. You would be so much better off just buying grids and coroplast and making C&C cages for them all. Look in the galleries for ideas for rabbit cages as well as for pig cages. You don't want to use puppy pads unless you have something over them as pigs will eat them.
Just to let you know None of the animals are even close to touching the trays. Also I got aluminum trays to put under for now until I can get the other cages ready. I did find paint and yes it was expensive then I found the trays. All the animas are home and in their new homes. All are very happy including the kids. Thankyou all for the information.I was only needing the trays to see if they were cat pan trained. As for a I can see now all 3 rabbits are cat pan trained. The pigs are loving their new home.We are still waiting to give them names.
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merrygoround88 said:
Just to let you know None of the animals are even close to touching the trays.
I hope this does not mean they're walking on a wire bottom grid. That's very very bad for cavies' feet.

Lucky you, to have gotten house-trained buns!!! I've only ever owned one bun, and that was a giant Rex male we kept in an outdoor hutch (many, many moons ago)

Walmart does normally carry grids, but the only ones I've seen are chrome-plated, so I don't believe they're as safe for the piggies. I got mine at Target, and for $15US, you get 23 grids/24 connectors, more than enough to build a 2x4 C&C with a stand (if you don't need a lid).

can't wait to see pics of your piggies!! :eek:)
I can't wait to see pictures too. I agree, don't use any kind of chemicals, paint, varnish, stain, spraypaint, etc.
Well like I said none of the pigs are on any wire bottoms. The trays I neede was for the rabbit cages. One is a hutch with plasticgrids The tray is just incase anything drops through. there is no chance of them even coming close to the tray. the other is for a two story cage which I will be setting up for the angoras.Well I found a solution for now. I picked up aluminum trays and if they get too bad just chuck them. My husband wants to compost the stuff from th rabbits for the garden. My camera isn't working right now, so I can't take any pictures right now to put on. Thanks for your input.
Well I also have to say that my husband is the best. To tolerate me bringing in 5 animals in one day to an already full home with only asking which one belongs to which kid was amazing. The 3 rabbits I couldn't help but adopt especially the angoras,since they needed to stay together and the extra care. My husband said he would build a huge cage set up for all of them as soon as I'm able to locate the materials. He also realizes that since I'm unable to work with animals like I used to he has been a more understanding.
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Well I grew up with taking in animals that may have been put to sleep. Also 5 of 8 in our family worked at the same vet for many years. I alone worked there for 17 yrs. I sustained a work injury at another job and now I am basically disabled to work full time or even part time due the fact the injury is in my neck and upper back. I am lucky I make it through the day just taking care of my kids and house alone. So as much as I would want to work with animals it is physically impossible. Any other questions.
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