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General Reducing Vacuuming Stress?

Cavia Appia

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Cavy Slave
Jun 22, 2012
Hey, everyone,

So, I was vacuuming by my piggie's cage today and, as expected, she's not a fan. What do you all do to reduce the stress on your piggies while maintaining their cage environment?

She's gotten confident around my hands and arms when I'm in the cage (I kind of crawl in on all fours) when I change her fleece/towels, and she hops and walks around and on top of me, which is cute. But the vacuum is still stressing her out. :-( Should I move her to another room/smaller cage while I vacuum? She's not a fan of being picked up yet, and that's stressful for her when I catch her and handle her (until the petting starts!).

My girls don't honestly care.

My vacuum is a shock vac, and it has an awfully short hose. We had one at my house and with a few modifications it fits perfectly. This hose is probably 20 times the size of the hose it came with.

So, I am able to hook up the vacuum in the kitchen, pull it as far as the cord will allow, bring the hose into the girl's room, and there will still be slack on the hose.

I would recommend to just keep vacuuming. Eventually they will get used to it and it will become routine.

Also, do what you can to distance your pigs from the noise if possible.
I remove my boys from the room when I vaccum. I set up a playpen in the hall and have my youngest brother make sure they dont try a jail break then vaccum real fast. They can still hear it but its no where near as loud so they arnt as concerned. If you dont have someone else to watch them then a small cage in another room would work. If you wanted to get her used to the sound then you could move the small cage closer and closer to the room where the regular cage each time you vacuum.

And they never really like the picking up part. I have so many little scratches from picking up my boys. They like the lap time but try to grab them and they freak out 9 times outta 10.
i hope they get used to it
I do not like vaccuming with the pigs still in the cage. I'll do it when they have floortime or cuddletime with my husband in a secure penned area. They can still hear the vaccum, but they don't seem to be bothered by it anymore.

I'll still only do it maybe twice a day, anyways. I personally don't like hearing the vacuum all the time, so I'll still sweep in-between.
very good i have a little dust pan and sweeper that i use when my sunshine seems a bit annoyed by the vacuum
my pigs have got used to most noises, dog barking(from downstaits he doesnt go upstairs!), hair dryer in the mornings, hoover twice a day, they just completely ignroe it now(they dont like the tv as the noise differs) maybe try hoovering the room, take the pigs out(not to far so they cant hear it) then hoover the cage and give them some nice treats:)
Amy and Borat ignore the vacuum (I don't use it in their cages, just on the floor and furniture, because they're both on Carefresh), but I still try to avoid using it around them. I generally put them in their floor time pen, which is in another room and therefore removed from most of the noise.
I only vacuum their cage when they're not in it. Rhode and Robin are scared of the vacuum and wouldn't go near it when it's turned it, but I really don't want to risk having them too near the vacuum.
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