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Urine Red urine? :(


Cavy Slave
Mar 17, 2012
I had been noticing that one of my guinea pigs had bright red pee about a month ago so I took her to the vet the next day and her pee was normal colored. My vet said that it could be due to change in diet or foods that are red. So we didn't put her on any antibiotics. but now its happening again :( I noticed red spots after they each had a few pieces of parsley (they had never had parsley before)and a small carrot. is it blood? should i take her to the vet for antibiotics?
Have you noticed her straining when she pees? She could have bladder stones.
what would straining look like or sound like?
And if she had bladder stones would her urine be bright red all the time or just sometimes?
Is she was straining, she would tense up when she tries to pee. Most of the time, peeing is effortless. Straining would look like it was difficult for her, like she is trying but cant. She also would probably squeek or whine - especially if it's painful.
I haven't seen any spots in the cage since floor time, could it have just been their food?
I haven't seen any spots in the cage since floor time, could it have just been their food?

That's also possible. It's also possible that she has a urinary tract infection. Do you feed her pellets? What kind?

Maybe it would be wise to isolate the problem if it's diet-related. Just feed her lots of fresh grass and hay, for the meantime, and see how it goes from there.
I'd put a white cloth of some sort, like an old t shirt or a piece of fleece under their pigloo so you can see the color of the urine. Red urine usually means a stone or UTI. I'd get her back to a vet that specializes in exotics. They can feel around externally and often will be able to detect stones without an xray or ultrasound. Stones and urinary tract infections are painful so I'd make a vet appt asap if their is blood in the urine. You'll see them tighten up their body or squeak when they pee if they have stones or a UTI sometimes. Parsley is high in calcium which can lead to stones. Carrots are high in sugar and oxalic acid so you should limit to no more than 1 baby carrot per day. Refer to the diet and nutrition charts to feed veggies that are lower in calcium.
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