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Canada recommendations for paper bedding


Cavy Gazer
Feb 7, 2020
I have been having trouble finding a good paper bedding brand in Ontario, my last guinea pig Who I had for 10 years was an American guinea pig so I always used aspen bedding with no problem but when he passed away I got two Peruvian long haired girls and I found that aspen gets stuck in their hair even when brushing every day, fleece is also not an option for me as I don’t have a laundry machine on hand. I have been going through several brands and have had no luck! I was hoping someone could give me recommendations or suggestions for what I should use.

here are the brands I used and the problems I’ve had with them:
Kaytee clean and cozy- found small sharp sticks in it several times
Care fresh- I have bought several bags because of good reviews from others and all but two bags have smelt strongly of urine so I will never buy this brand again.
All living things paper bedding- I have tried both the pellets and the soft paper of this brand and both were horrible the pellets were so hard my piggies did not like it at all, and the loose paper just got soaked and smelt horrible

Thank you in advance for your time and responses!
I too have tried different kinds of paper bedding and finally settled on one......Petco's So Phresh which comes either as a pellet form or crumbled paper. It is reasonably priced and superb at odor control.

I primarily use fleece for the entire cage except for the two litter boxes. I use kitten litter pans and put a layer of the litter in the bottom followed by a layer of hay on top. My cavies love being able to do two things at once. Be sure that your litter pans are big enough for an adult cavy to be comfortable. My Sparky loved his litter box so much that he would often fall asleep in it. That of course requires your cage hygiene to be good.
I personally use carefresh natural with no issues, however I have heard good things about Oxbow's bedding line, although it is a bit more pricey.

There is a sligiht smell with carefresh, but I haven't had a strong urine smell. I can see why you wouldn't purchase it though.
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