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Sexing Really really GOOD NEWS!!


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Apr 23, 2012
So I have been posting over the past weeks about my female who could be pregant after being cage maqtes with my mIale, who was mis-sexed as a female by the pet shop emplyee. I have been very upset about this-Im strongly anti-breeding for all "pets" Also I had divided theor cage with a grid wall and it was pretty depressing to watch them try to chew through the cage to get back together. My 5 year old has been crying, he doesnt understand why they cant be together. They are lonely! They miss each other! Moki, the female, has been much harder. to sex than George, the male. She struggles and makes little wheekig noises and Im scared to drop her or scare her too much, but the pet shop guy says hes 100%certain so I dont wirry too much. well, Yesterday, I sexed George again, partly to be sure and partly for practice-hes still a boy. I tried to sex Moki but she was getting too worked upso we just fed her her strawberry and let her go. But it thought I might have felt somethhing. So today I tried again, this time I had my daugjter feed her an apple lice to keep her from strugling too much and after a great deal of effort I was able to extrude Moki's penis! So Moki has been rechristened Gobo, and the divider wall is now down :) Why was he so hard to sex? Is that normal? If you cant get the penis to extrude, can you still trust that its a male by feeling the ridge?
How old are they? I've had one boy, Waylon, for almost a year now and never seen his penis! [Gosh that sounds to wrong and dirty] Anyways, yeah, sometimes they're more difficult than others to get them to extrude, but feeling the ridge is just as safe for sexing. And testicles should start to be a little obvious after a few months of age. Good luck with these two!!
Y'know, I give mad props to you for sexing properly.

I would say about 75% of the time or more it is hard to get it to protrude.

They are approximately 8 and 10 weeks old. They are so happy to be together again <3. I think Ill go back to the petstore and tell them their emploees got the sex wrong on 2 out of 3 pigs...Our animal shelter sends the guinea pigs to the petstore, if youre wondering why I got them there.
So does ours if they are ovverflowing they usually only send cats to petsmart but Ive seen rabbits and guinea pigs in the area over there. Congrats on the sexing1 It is very hard to sex males in my opinion!
They have a lot of cats at our shelter, like overflowing felines. I dont think.they get a lot of cavies. But Im consolidering offering to adopt any that come in, or foster them...maybe nex year when I am a little more experienced lol
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