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Pigsitting Really nervous


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Cavy Slave
Apr 26, 2008
I am going out of town for 5 days and my aunt and cousin are going to be watching my pigs. This is the first time I am leaving them with someone who doesn't own guinea pigs. I will have every day's worth of food for them in the fridge.For the first 2 days my cousin will come over every day and put the veggies in the fridge in the cage, refill water bottle, give hay, and give pellets. Then for the next three days my aunt will do the same. I'm nervous because they have no experiance with guineas at all. Every time they talk about them they call the gerbils or hamsters and when I say guinea pigs they go well whatever. They think it is totaly crazy that I have two and the size of their cage (and thats the petstore cage they haven't even seen the C&C!)