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Dominance Ready to put them together?

Dr Doughnut

Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 15, 2006
Well, Banquo and Dwight are currently in their 3rd introduction.

Dwight is 4 months old, Banquo the old fart is probably 4 years old.

So far, Dwight has stopped trying to mount Banquo, I haven't heard chatter noises or rumblestrutting, and all Dwight is doing is sniffing Banquo's butt. Sometimes Dwight does some major popcorning. Occasionally Dwight will attempt to mount Banquo, but then Banquo gives him a mean 'I am disappoint' face, and Dwight puts his paws back on the ground.

Banquo seems to come at Dwight and 'tease' him, and they just seem to be chilling together eating poops and grooming bythemselves.

Tommorow, after I get the remnants of my summer homework finished, do I just clean the cage with vinegar and stuff, and introduce? Are they ready? Do I need to give them baths?

I followed the instructions on Cavy Spirit, but nothing was mentioned on when to finish introductions and have them move in.
I'm not really sure what you mean. You are not supposed to introduce and separate them repeatedly. There should be one introduction and that is it.

Yes, you should clean the cage completely. Don't give them a bath--that is a last resort. And do the introduction on neutral ground.
It sounds like things are going well. I would clean the cage out now and put them together.
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