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Introductions ready to be put together?


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Oct 16, 2011
So, I finally introduced my two boars the other day.
I noticed a lot of normal dominance behavior between the two, and there wasn't any serious fighting, which is good!
My abby is about 8 months now, and my short haired is probably around 12. I did noticed that the abby is pretty feisty and and seemed to want to put the older cavy in his place, so im hoping this will work out ok.
Near the end of their introduction they were pretty relaxed around each other (both were laying down).
But when they would turn head to head, my younger cavy starts to "dance" and shakes his butt around, and the older one doesn't do much to object to it.

I have only introduced them the one time, so im wondering if I should do a couple more before putting them together in the cage? I have a 2x4 set up right now, with a 1x2 loft. I was thinking of putting some extra grids in the 2x4 to make it a 2x2 and another 2x2 so the cavys can be in the same cage without actually sharing all the space at first. Do you think they are ready for this?
They sound like they are doing great. That dancing you describe sounds like rumble strutting which can be a sign of dominance correct me if I am wrong. If they get along separating them and putting them back together again can cause a lot of stress for both of them, make sure the cage you were going to put them in together is cleaned thoroughly so there is no scent of the other piggy and monitor their behaviour closely so you can watch out for any signs of severe fighting.i know this from research and experience from introducing my sows I have 5 living together. But this is just what I know so hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong. Hope I helped.
I think they're ready, but please don't put them together and separate them repeatedly. Just do the introductions once, and let that be it unless there's an actual fight with bleeding. Read Guinea Pigs Social Life -- the introductions section is about halfway down.

I'd put them in one big cage, and just have the extra grids in reserve to separate the cage in case you need them.
If you can make the cage bigger then a 2x4 that would be better for 2 boars. Make it as large as possible because boys need more room to co-habitate. I agree with the others that once you introduce them and they are getting along(not biting or keeping one from eating) then you should leave them together. You want to have extra hidies, water bottles and hay rack, that way one of them can't guard both areas at once. Good luck!
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