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C&C Alternatives Ready for Coroplast - I feel stupid


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Mar 7, 2012
I have my cage made - grids, connectors, strengthened with cable ties. I have cable tied my little heart put. I feel stupid though. I am building the ramp to the 2nd lvl. I do not have my coroplast yet. I will get that friday. My 1st lvl is 29x103 & 2nd lvl os 29x48 more or less. Any tips from seasoned cage builders? Don't know how to post pics in my post yet. Thx
I got the grids put together for the ramp. What do you recomend (sp) i am tired sorry. Wgat should i cove the ramp grids with carpet and what else? Thx for any feedback. I dont feel stupid anymore.
You can line the grids with carpet. You can also use thick towels or bath rugs since they can be washed.
Thx I will look for a plush bathroom rug tomorrow.
How do I secure the rug to the ramp grids? Cable ties? Sorry this is the first time Ive buit a cage.
You could use velcro or binder clips
Thank you very much
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