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Macy K.

Active Member
Cavy Slave
Dec 17, 2011
Hey I just got a guinea pig and made him a two story cage for more roon for him. Well he wont go up his ramp to get to the second story, which is where his food is. Any suggestions on how I can get him to go up?
If you just got your piggy he’s still probably getting use to everything and kind of scared. That’s what happened with my guys.

I left their food down on the bottom the first 3 weeks I had them, after that they were exploring up and down the ramp on their own. Maybe he just needs a little time.

Yummy treats are a good tool to coax a stubborn piggy too. Maybe try a trail of goodies going up the ramp and see if he takes the bait.

How did you make your ramp? If it’s too steep he probably won’t use it at all.
It took me about 20 minutes to train all three of my piggies to climb the ramp. I rumpled a plastic bag and got the guinea pigs excited about veggies, I put the veggies on the second level. Next I took one small piece of lettuce and led the first one (Sir Robin) up the ramp, he got it in the first try. The other two guinea pigs ran around in circles wheeking looking for the lettuce. I continued trying to lead the other guinea pigs up the ramp over and over again. After awhile I left a piece of lettuce almost at the top of the ramp. They knew it was up there but were just too nervous about going up the ramp. Eddy Pig eventually figured it out that way and started going up and down the ramp right after that. Ben however just couldn't figure it out. I had to pick him up and put him on the ramp then push his Benny Butt up to the top. Once he was up there you could just see it in his face, it clicked. Anyway that is how I did it. =D
Thank you! Ill try the veggies he, (Mobo) loves carrots!!
Thank you I will try the treats for him. My parents had this platic ramp thingy I found( im not sure why they had it) and i tightly wove some thread around it so he could grip it. Ive had him for a week now and he is slowly starting to like me. I am very patient with him and ill set some veggies on the top for him and see if he'll eat them. Thank you again!!!
I had to put fleece on my ramp because mine could hardly get up hers, she would just slide haha. Also something else to try is to put a cover on it or walls. I like to use the cardboard roll that came from christmas paper. just cut it down the middle and it should adjust to fit any ramp.
I used an outside door mat cut to size then glued to a piece of wood. I cut a grid in half and used that for the sides. Works wonderful. Even my Benny Pig, who had deformed feet, can make it up the ramp with out a problem. Keep the gradient low as well. My ramp is 27 inches long and goes up 14 inches. This keeps it low enough that the GPs don't have to struggle to get up and down it.
I took my piggies fav veggie, lettuce, and put pieces all the way up the ramp...Then more at the top! He ate all the way up! He eventually started going up there on his own. Just give your piggie time! :)
I ended up taking out my second level. The ramp took up too much space, they seemed less social, spent most of their time under the second level/ramp and it was a pain to clean the cage. I switch around pigloos, tunnels and other things in the cage to offer some variety instead.
Thank you so much for the advice!! I noticed you said ypur piggie loves lettuce. I really think mine would like lettuce to but someone said they can only have certain kinds. What kind do you feed your guinea pig?
Thank you! What kind of lettuce do you feed your piggie? I heard you can only feed them a certain kind.
You can feed Red Leaf, Green Leaf, and Romaine lettuce from what I've heard. No Iceberg lettuce or Cabbage.
If you feed romaine, watch your pigs for milky/powdery/sludgy urine. Some pigs tolerate it very well, and others not at all. If you notice white deposits in your cage, switch them to red or green leaf lettuce. Cabbage can be fed in tiny amounts.
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