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Ramps Ramp suggestions for piggies to come down out of their cage for floor time

Alison Archer

Cavy Slave
Dec 28, 2016
Hi, I have a 5x2 c&c cage which sits on a base of c&c grids. I have french doors on the side at one end and the coroplast that came with the cage. I want to be able to put a ramp that can come out the French doors, and down to the ground so when they want floor time and we are here we can just put the ramp on and they can come and go. I want something like the 13 inch hinged ramp, and was thinking of putting a standard cage ramp on the outside, but that won't be long enough if I want it to go over the coroplast to save cutting it. I hope that this explanation makes sense. I would love suggestions or solutions to this! TIA
Since we have so many new members who are constructing their own cages, I just want to make them aware of a post that I did a long time ago about making a reinforced coroplast ramp. I think that you will find the directions pretty easy to follow and the finished product is attractive. I strongly recommend that you cover the ramp with the stair tread material which can be purchased at Home Depot in the flooring section.

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