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Rabbits Rabbit Questions!


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Oct 9, 2011
Hi, I'm making my rabbit a bigger cage, and I'm in the process of cleaning up and rabbit proofing my spare room. I was wondering if you still need multiple levels (I had heard that rabbits need multiple levels to keep their muscles in check) if you make the cage really big/give them their own room to move around in? My rabbit only has three legs and I can't imagine her scaling levels.

Other than that, I was wondering if you can keep a large breed bunny with a small breed bunny? I currently have a Netherland dwarf mix, and the idea of a Flemish giant or English lop is really appealing to me. Mostly what I was worried about was that a big rabbit would attack Slick (my current rabbit) during introductions and potentially hurt her badly.

Do male/female pairs of rabbits work well? My current rabbit is spayed so the whole "no, because I don't want babies" aspect is ruled out.

Does neutering have any affect on the behavior of a rabbit? When I adopted my current rabbit she was already spayed, so I don't know if it causes any behavioral changes. I heard something about how it makes litter box habits better?

Should I line the rabbit room with plastic so that she doesn't chew on the walls?
There is a risk that a big rabbit will hurt a smaller rabbit especially when you are talking about mixing the smallest rabbit breed Netherland Dwarf (2-3lbs) with the largest rabbit breed the Flemish Giant (<20 lbs). Rabbits can be quite mean when they want to be. I would stick with something closer to her size, or at least under 10 lbs, especially since she is at a disadvantage with only having 3 legs. One thing to consider with the larger rabbit breeds is they pee a lot!! I had a 15 lb Californian and man could he go. Nothing compared to my 4 and 5 lb mini rexes! He smelled more and he need his box changed out way more often.

Your bunny doesn’t necessarily need multi levels but the rabbits seem to really like it and it gives them something to do. You could always just try to give her a shelf and see how she does. I would say put it about half way up a grid and see how it goes, she might surprise you or she might just sleep under it. Make sure the cage is tall enough that she can stand up.

Male/Female pairs generally work out better than same sex, especially females. Females are more territorial than males. Since you already have a fixed female the best option would be to get a fixed male rabbit. Neutering a rabbit changes its behavior quite a bit, more so with males I have noticed than females (unless they have some cycle/hormone issues). Male rabbits have a tendency to spray their urine all over the place to mark their territory and they also mount other rabbits. They may even “love” on you. Neutering will fix all of this. It would be better to have the male neutered before being introduced to the female. It will also make the box habits better, there is less sent marking with poo and urine.

I would not line the room with plastic. She will eat the plastic. The best thing is to train her not to do it by clapping and saying no when she does it or squirting her with a stream of water (like from a squirt gun or water bottle) and use a deterrent like Ick or Bitter Apple sprayed on the base boards, you can buy either of those at most pet stores. Ick is in the bird section and bitter apple is in the dog section.

Try to find a rescue where you can take your bunny on some dates to match her with a good (fixed) match. Rabbits are very finicky and they don’t always get along.

Check out this site for some good information on bonding, introductions and rabbit proofing. A good rule of thumb is: If a rabbit can get it a rabbit will get it.
Are Two Rabbits Right For You?
Rabbit Questions!This is what i have. The one on the right is made with choro and the one on the left is on wood with peel and stick vynal tiles.and i on a base like so.Rabbit Questions!


I agree with Inle Rabbit 100%! I would definitely get a neutered male for the behavior reasons mentioned and the "loving" on the leg gets really old LOL
The spraying of pee from a non neutered male is really a mess too and stinky!

I also agree about the size issue-similar size would be safest and more likely to encourage "friendship" between the rabbits.

I don't think you need multi levels if you're going to have a room for her to run around in. Maybe a few things to jump on would be nice like an overturned tote or some boxes or a cat tube but you don't need to construct a multi-level cage.
Thanks guys! I'll look into getting a neutered male, and I think a holland lop would be a good match for her :)
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