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Rabbits Rabbit possibly being pregnant..


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Sep 15, 2011
Hey guys, I have had these 2 bunnies for a couple of years now (both male!) and I have acquired a female bunny not to long ago. Without me knowing, my dad put the female bun and one of the male buns together, and she might be pregnant. I do know some knowledge about rabbits, but I have never had a possibly pregnant one. So I would like yalls input on this! And what I should do.
If she was with the males you can pretty much assume she is pregnant.

For right now give her free feed and as always free access to hay. Unlike guinea pigs, rabbits rarely show outward signs of being pregnant so it's best to assume that she is.

You will need to buy or make a rabbit nest box (they sell them on amazon) place it in her cage at about 21 days. Pus some wood shavings in the bottom and she will make her own nest out of hay and hair. She may start a nest then or she may wait until moments before the babies are born. It just depends on the doe.

You can check the nest daily for babies. It shouldn't bother her. Just try not to destroy the nest she made. Once the babies are born you will need to check the litter for any that didn't make it and remove it. It is common that one or two babies do not make it with in the first few days. Also check to see if the babies little tummies are big and fat and round that means mama is feeding them. If not they will need to be hand fed.

Rabbit babies are born bald, blind, deaf and completely helpless. You may never see mama go into the nest box as wild rabbits only visit their nests 2 times a day but as long as the babies have big, fat tummies you know she is taking care of them.

At around 3 days they will start to grow hair. At 7 days they will open their eyes and you will have to watch for nest box eye. It's an eye infection. Babies will have crusty eyes they cannot open. You will need to get eye meds from a vet to cure it. At around 10 days they will start to come out of the nest box. Babies stay with their mamas until 6 weeks. At that time you can sex them.

Best of luck! Let us know how everything turns out or you have more questions.
Sorry... Rabbit gestation is between 28 - 31 days.
may be pregnant
She is more than likely pregnant. At some point, close to delivery, she will begin "nesting" and she'll start collecting hay. I would count forward 26 days from the day she was with the male and then put some sort of nesting box in her cage. You can purchase one or you can use a cat litter box, but make sure you attach it to the cage somehow. When she has her babies, they will flutter around and could possibly escape the box, so you'll have to check on them and make sure they are always in the box. When you put the box in her cage, fill it with hay or shredded newspaper and mama will do the rest. When my rabbit had babies she thumped around the cage and it was very obvious that she was giving birth (surprise! 10 babies!). The most important thing is to check on them a lot to make sure they are in the box and eating from mom. Having a scale to weigh them is a good idea so you are sure they are nursing. It is very common to have a baby that doesn't survive so watch if she has any really little ones, as these will probably be the ones that perish. They are helpless when they're born but mom will take care of them. When they open their eyes and start jumping out of the nest box on their own, you can remove it but they will still need extra hay/bedding material to burrow into. You can handle them upon birth as long as mom doesn't get mad. I highly recommend handling them to make sure they are always warm. If you find one that's cold, slip it in a towel and warm it under your shirt and then put it back with the others. Baby bunnies are the cutest little things. You will be amazed at how quickly they grow!

Also, closer to delivery, she will start pulling her fur from her chest to build a nest. If you find it laying around, put it in the nest box. Her fur will keep the babies really warm. When you start to see the fur, she's probably close to delivery. For mine, she ran around the room she was in, tore open the hay bag, and started pulling massive amounts of hay into her cage. Once she'd gotten the hay in she started pulling out her fur and create a nice little nest for them. It was really funny to go from a completly clean cage to, 20 minutes later, a cage so full of hay and fur (especially because we had no idea she was pregnant). Buns are really good moms. Don't worry!
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Thank you guys so so soo much!! My dad (for some odd reason..) put them together.. I do not know why.. But thanks!! This is really great info. :)
Hey guys sorry for not replying sooner! very busy. But yes she did have babies. 5 actually. But she killed 2 and ate 2. so one survived and he died a week later even though we fed him kitten milk multiple times a day.
So sorry to hear that. Baby rabbits are very hard to hand raise. Are you going to get her spayed or the boys fixed to keep this from happening again?
@Inle_Rabbit I had to make another account because i accidentally logged out of my other one (OMIPIGGIE) and dont remember the password... But trust me this will not happen again they are in completly different cages.
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