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Vet Costs Quick question- how much do vets generally cost for small pets?


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May 29, 2012
I have 7 guinea pigs, none of which have ever had medical issues until now. If anyone's read my previous posts, my guinea pig Chester has some problem with his eye. I got a closer look at it and I'm thinking it's a scratch. I scheduled an appointment for 2:00 tomorrow, the vet told me that a regular checkup is about 50 - 60 and with the dye test they're going to do to his eye will be an additional 13. But if that isn't the problem and it's something else that is wrong with his eye, how much would I be looking at? I'm 17 and I have a job, but if it's more than I'm expecting I won't have enough for tomorrow's visit. Please note I've NEVER had to deal with a vet's office before, my mom did all of that when I was younger for previous dogs and cats we've had, but now that I've moved out all of this is on me. Will they send me a bill in the mail? Or will I have to pay upfront? If so, do they have some kind of way to accept credit cards or will I have to pay cash? Sorry about all of the questions, I'm just new to this and I'd like a rundown before Chester's appointment tomorrow so I don't make an ass of myself!
Oh, and should I call and ask my mother to come with me tomorrow just incase I have to fill out a contract and since I'm not 18, can't?
This are questions that you need to call around for. Vet costs vary so much depending on where you go. Don't be scared to call up their office and ask, I've had to do it too. =P
They're closed right now :x
I spent 34 dollars each for the initial exam for both pigs, so around 70 dollars in all just for the exam. Anything added...... Well you won't know how much extra, it depends on how serious it is.

I would always keep AT LEAST $100 on hand for an appointment, extra in case a problem like this occurs.
I don't think it's anything serious but I have enough for the cost, but I don't know if they take debit cards lol
They most likely take debit cards.

Also, you can see if the vet has a website. They probably won't list costs there, but they may say if they do payment plans or other billing options.
Unfortunately they don't have a website. I found them listed on google. I'll just see how it goes tomorrow. Lol
Well, I was lucky to find the vet that I did and that they were so close to me. They charged like $35-$45 for both of my piggies and like $3 for both of their medicines, but come to find it out, they were allergic to something in my house, but never got uber sick. Just kept sneezing. Like I said, I lucked out, though.
As for the money situation, it's all up to the vet. You should ask them those questions before you take them in.
The vets around here all accept credit cards. Vet costs vary by vet and by state. I took a guinea pig in to see two different vets this past December with an eye problem. It appeared to be a prolapsed lid or some sort of injury. The first vet examined it, cleaned it out and tried to insert the tissue back in. She charged me $16.75 for Triple AB w/Steroid ointment and $31 for the exam which came to $47.75. I decided to get a second opinion from the other vet I use. He charged me $58. It included the exam, trying to reinsert the prolapse, cleaning the eye and giving me 4 oz. of Butler Eye Irrigating Solution at no extra charge. He told me to continue using the ointment the other vet gave me but to apply it twice a day instead of once a day. He also showed me how to irrigate the eye. The prolapse reinserted itself a couple of days later and she had no problems after. Both vets did the dye test with no extra charge.
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