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Jul 25, 2011
I really want to get a hedgehog, so I am doing my research on them. I just have a few questions, if anyone here has any knowledge on them :)

1.) Can a hedgehog transmit anything to my pigs?
2.) Can I keep the hedgie and the pigs in the same room?
3.) I found a rescue nearby. It has a retired breeder female- this means she was bread before she was in the shelter right? as long as the money doesn't go to the breeder it would be okay to get her right? I don't want to support a breeder...

Typically most diseases (I believe) can only be transferred to the same species, not a different one.

I am not sure about keeping them in the same room...... Though, I don't see how it could present any problems, as long as they don't come into contact with each other.

We have a hedgehog and they don't have contact with the piggies becasue there is not enough space...we have hamsters in the same room as the hedgehog and out pet rat...I just would not let the piggies touch the hedgehog as they are very prickly ! :) Here is a picture of our Spike

[GuineaPigCages.com] Questions-hedgehogs[GuineaPigCages.com] Questions-hedgehogs

Spike is so cute! I have a few more questions if you don't mind.
What kind of cage is he in? where did you get him? How often do you clean his cage?

Sure ask away :)

As for his cage we have him in a large one 4 and a half feet by 2 feet wide...he came from a a breeder in mtl ( but we got him as a rescue from someone that didnt want him) and as for cleaning his cage its everyday as he likes to poop in his wheel when he runs...and for bedding its a fleece liner with a washable pp pad unnder the wheel and the food we use is cat food science diet light ..hard food not canned and you can feed them meals worms as a treat but its not nesscary.and one thing is do not use a glove to pick them up..it may hurt abit but they have to get used to your scent...:)
For the cage I thought I had a great idea-I have a little bookcase that I don't use. it is a little bigger than 30"x30" Then I would line it with a shower curtain. Then a layer of puppy pads then fleece. With a second level-bricks under the curtain with a side so there are no accidents. Then assorted beds and a wheel and some cats toys or some things like that.
Some hedgehogs can climb ...ours never did but you have to watch out just to be sure..as for the wheel is has to be big! ,,we use a silent spinner the biggest one they have. we also but a large crdboard tunnel in our cage for him to have fun and also for the food and water dish ..use a cermaic one as they like tip them over :)
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