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Question about switching bedding!


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Cavy Slave
Jan 19, 2005
Hello All,
I'm new to the forum, as well as a brand new cavy slave (it's been about a week)! I'm currently working on building my Miko a 2x3 C&C cage, and when I do I would like to switch from the aspen bedding i'm currently using, as it will probably be super-expensive in the long run in a cage that size!
Soooo my question is: what is the best route to go? My Miko is a peruvian, so that means long hair that gets wet/messy fast. I wanted to go the fleece/crib pad route but heard that his coat would get dirty quickly. He chews on towels so that also seems to be out of the question...but any sort of bedding 'alternative' would probably work well because he seems to favor going to the bathroom only at the sides of the cage.
Any ideas as to what i should try, or truth to the fleece "rumor"? I'd appreciate your expert help!
Thanks :eek:)
One of my sows is a silkie (long haired) and I use fleece and she doesn't get dirty fast. She does have to have a butt bath every so often but I think all long haired pigs need baths occasionally.

As a die hard fleece lover, I say give fleece a go and see how you like it. There are other threads on fleece here too so maybe you could check some of those out.

Welcome to the forum! Have you thought about getting a same sex friend for your piggie? They are very social animals and do much better if they have a friend to play with and taking care of 2 isn't any more work than 1. I know, I have 4, lol.
thanks for the reply, CoCo! I guess I will give fleece a go, if it doesn't work I can always switch back, or try something new.

I have considered getting a friend for miko, and will probably do so in the next month or so. I got miko as a bit of an "emergency" rescue, so I didn't have time to make him a big enough cage before he came home. Once I make my C&C cage,(sometime this weekend) I'll work on finding him a new friend...i don't want the piggies to be too cramped :(
Thanks again-see you around the forum!
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