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Cage Question about non-C&C Cages


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Dec 3, 2011
Hi There,
New around here, so be nice!

The new piggie I am adopting is coming home tomorrow. (Well hopefully if everything goes well) and he's coming with everything he has. Which is really nice, because set up can be a hassle as I am sure you all realize as well.

He's coming with a cage as well. I am pretty sure (with the photo sent) it is a rabbits cage. I've been told it was 38"ht by 32" l & 22" w
now that I am looking, I know this is a tad small for even one piggie. However I thought I could add in a temp second level (since it is quite high).

I am looking in to C&C caging, but it will probably be a month or so before I can get that all set up for him. And I know if I want to get him a buddy, I will need a bigger space.

Now my real question, will he be all right for a small time in the smaller cage, I am assuming that he's been in it for a bit as it is his cage from the other owner. Is there any suggestions I can get to help make it more exciting for him so he has some space? (As mentioned above thought of making a second level some how....)

I appreciate any and all advice (and yes I know the sooner I get him to a bigger space the happier he will be!)
If you don't have a big cage, you could always give him the exercise needed by buying a play pen and surrounding it around his cage. Be sure to piggy proof the area, no cats, dogs, kids, or anyone going inside the pen except you (just to make sure no one steps on piggy). Most of the time, you don't need to worry about your pig peeing and pooping everywhere, they usually do that in places where they feel safe, a hide house, in the cage, etc. also the holes on the play pen is small enough for piggy to not escape, don't worry about him climbing over, they don't do that unless there's a good reason for it (fear, excitement) :)
I wouldn't worry about putting another level in the rabbit cage. If you can get a C&C cage up in a month, he'll be fine in the smaller one until then. To make rabbit cages work with ramps, the ramps have to be pretty steep, and pigs don't generally like those. He might not use it at all after you go to the trouble of making it.

If you can get a box of grids, you can make a play area for him. Just zip-tie them together in a long chain, leaving the ends open. Make the zip-ties just loose enough for the grids to bend accordion-style so you can fold them up again. You can set it up in any configuration you want, and get some clips to clip the ends together or to his cage -- I use the kind of clips that are on the ends of dog leashes (you can get them at any hardware store).

If you have other pets that might be dangerous for him, you can use closet shelving to make a lid for the play run -- just clip it down with the same kind of clips you use on the grids.
Adding to bpatters thread, above, I did the same thing. Got my grids, which I would need anyway and zip tied them so they'd accordian. I used a piece of plywood for a table on sawhorses in the warm and dry basement. On the plywood I used heavy duty contractor plastic garbage bags. You could use a shower curtain. Then I put some fleece over old towels, men's large polo shirts, tablecloths... anything cotton and absorbent. For the top I used one of the unused screens from the front door to keep the cat out. She's not particularly apt to jump or do anything too extreme so I just gently weighted the screen. If you have more aggressive pets, you'd want to do something more secure. This works well for a temporary cage and I often set it up in the warmer months as we have no AC in the house and this keeps the pigs cool.
Thanks I appreciate the advice! I feel a little better about not having a larger cage to start him out with! I am going to try and make a safe little exercise area. (Only really have one area I am concerned with.)

I will probably get the cubes in the next week or so, I've found a store that sells them, it's just a bit away. Really just depends on weather and work schedule if I will be able to get them sooner than later

To be honest, I am finding it hard to picture his cage with out seeing it in person. (Although I've seen a photo and measurement) so I could be completely wrong about it being so. But I guess I'll have to see when he gets here!
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If you've got a Walmart near you, they'll do an in-store shipment of the grids for you. Theirs are made by Whitmor. They usually have really good prices on them.
Thanks I'll look in to it.
However now that the cage (and HE!) is here. I'm thinking that a ramp might be possible, and i've got some materials at home for that so maybe later tonight when he's settled a little more we will do a little bit of construction.

I know that C&C is the way I want to go, I just want to make him as happy as possible for right now.
Would love to see a picture of your new pig and the cage!
Make sure you buy grids with 9 spaces across. Some brands have 5 or 8 across which are too large and dangerous for guinea pigs.
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