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Aggression question about Homeopet supplements


Cavy Slave
Jan 24, 2022
Hey all, I was curious if anyone has ever used any of the Homeopet supplements for their piggies.

Here's my current situation: I have two boars (Adam and Jamie, both right around a year old) who are bonded. Adam (a ginger Aby) isn't really a people-pig whereas Jamie (skinny pig) is a momma's boylol. The vast majority of the time, they get along really well. I've made sure to always have 2+ water bottles, pellet bowls, veggie bowls/plates, hay racks, hideys (which all have at least 2 entry/exits), and everything is placed where one pig can't bully the other. At first, it seemed like Adam was the dominant pig, but now Jamie seems to be in charge.

However, every so often, it seems like they start to get into periods of aggression and start to "fight" or assert dominance. I know they're still in their teenage phase, and so far neither has drawn blood from the other, but I was wondering if some sort of anxiety relief supplement might help them? Or, would it be better to increase their enrichment? They are in a 2x5 C&C cage and both get floor and lap time, both together and individually (Jamie loves to cuddle but I think Adam values his alone time, so we try to provide both contact and alone time). Today, I came home for lunch and was sitting near them, and they started rearing up on their hind legs and almost going for each other, which I haven't seen them do since we went through the bonding process.

Not sure if this question is better suited to the medical threads, or if it's more of a behavioral issue. My concern with the homeopet supplements is that even though they say for small animals, I'm not sure if the dosage or the ingredients are actually safe for guinea pigs. Most of the reviews in the comments were for cats and dogs.
One more comment I forgot to add -- we noticed Adam has a couple of small bald spots, but we don't know if Jamie is barbering him or if Adam pulled them out himself. I guess my worry is that Adam might be so stressed he's starting fights, and if that's the case I was hoping the supplement for anxiety would help.
You've got adolescent boars in a smallish cage for two boars. I really doubt there's anything you can given them other than heavy tranquilizers that will help.

Also, guinea pig digestive systems are pretty delicate, and all sorts of things can upset them and cause bloat. I've never seen any of those ingredients recommended for guinea pigs, and wouldn't give that stuff to mine for anything.

However, if you can enlarge the cage, that might help. Also, make sure there's something in there to break up the sight lines so they've not always visible to each other -- fleece forests, or fleece draped across the width of the cage. Turn one hidey so that the exits face the sides of the cage, the other hidey facing the ends. You don't want the fact that they're always visible to each other to encourage one to attack the other.
Ah, thank you very much! I didn't realize that this cage size was considered smallish. I'll definitely increase their room and I've also been keeping their hideys from facing each other so they have more alone/out of sight time. Thank you for also answering about the supplement -- I was concerned it would upset their tummies and definitely wanted to avoid that.
To answer your question in regards to Homeopet Supplements, there are NO active ingredients in that product. As with all Homeopathic treatments the ingredients are diluted to such an extent as to be considered non-existent in the final product. They are at best, useless, to at worse dangerous (because they instill false hope that the product actually contains what it says it does). If you'll look at the packaging it doesn't give you any amounts of the ingredients.
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