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C&C Question about coroplast!


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Jan 2, 2012
Hi all! After doing research for nearly a month now on guinea pig care, I am finally getting one of my own! I have had rabbits and hamsters in the past and currently so I know what work they require and that space is needed.

I am planning on building a C&C cage. I am going to make it 2 x 4 cubes. The cubes are 14". I was just wondering how much coroplast to buy for the bottom. Also, how much fleece would I need? Thanks so much!

Welcome to GPC! For a 2x4 cage, you can buy a 4x8 ft sheet and cut it down to 39x68 inches. You can get it for about $10 - $25 (depends on where you shop). Look for plastic suppliers/warehouse and sign stores in your area.

Have you seen this page? It gives you instructions and the measurements.
How to Make a C&C Cage
Thanks so much! :)
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