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Cavy Slave
Feb 9, 2019
Oh man. I feel the need to laugh at myself, cuz here we are, week 4 day 4 of quarantine life, and I'm getting insanely excited over having a dustbuster.

Let me explain.

So obviously I have 4 guinea pigs. They currently have what amounts to a 2x8 C&C cage plus a 2x2 loft, so about 24 square feet of space. I use fleece bedding on all but a small area (about 1x2 grids) that is their kitchen area, which has disposable bedding.

24 square feet means a lot of space for poops and bits of hay and chewed up pieces of toys (straw, cardboard, etc) and other things to get flung around. I've been improving my spot cleaning while I've been working from home (since it was very hard for me to have the energy to start a new habit like daily spot cleaning when I'm away from home 10-15 hours a day at a very exhausting job). I had been using a kitty litter scoop to "sweep and scoop" poops (and it's used solely for this task, is never in the cat boxes), but that has the downside of sometimes crushing poops. I'd been trying to use a small broom and pan but that was also fairly frustrating to use constantly on fleece that's not 100% taut.

I'd been wanting a dustbuster to help with spot cleaning for awhile, and I finally ordered one a few days ago. It arrived today and OMG IT IS AMAZING. I expect I'll still be using my hand brush/pan and the kitty litter scoop at times but I AM SO EXCITE. Anything that makes it a little easier to get the cage super clean is worth it, IMO! Especially since I want this to be a sustainable habit when I return to my actual in-office job.

So yay for a dustbuster that works, yay for starting new habits that will make my piggles happier, and yay for having a shiny clean cage! It honestly looks like I just changed it yesterday when in fact we're almost coming up on a week of not being changed. (I typically do a full cage clean on Friday or Saturday.) WOOHOO! That makes me super happy and will mean this weekend's cage cleaning will be that much easier. SCORE!

I'm tellin' ya. It's the little things that count. Finding magic in the mundane, even though I probably look (and feel, and sound) insane at times.