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Forages QU??? Can piggies eat leaves off of trees??


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Mar 22, 2012
I have a question. Can piggies eat leaves from a tree?? I have a pecan, pear, peach, blueberry bush and cherry trees. Also i have Willow trees. I have read where they can have the wood/ branches from the trees as long as it's free of chemicals. Now the place i read said Apple tree branches...So i was wondering if it's ok if they have other trees too? Also the post never said if they left the leaves on when they gave their piggies the branches...So i'm just a little confused..!!

I have also read that u can give them rose leaves, but for mine that would be a no no...i treat my roses !!

I do go pick fresh grass every day for my piggies, plus i grow fresh Cat Grass/Wheat grass for my piggies. I just wanna give them a little bit more variety in their diet with the trees !
I give mine fresh grass every day when it's warm. I don't know about leaves though.
:) I do the grass too...my piggies go GAGA for their fresh grass..!! I hope someone knows if they can have them or not..!! I would like to change up their variety !!
Snowy (my gp) especially LOVES farmer's grass... It's the long tall straw-like stuff that looks like it's gone to seed at the top. Have you tried that? It may be a treat LOL Around here (PA, USA) it grows everywhere though.
I don't know about the leaves, but the poisonous plant's list says you can NOT give your guinea pig either cherry tree branches ("contain cyanide and are most potent when they are wilting") or the branches from pitted fruits such as pear or peach. ("Cherry/Peach/Plum and other pitted fruit tree leaves and limbs/twigs contain Cyanide. Do not feed.") I don't know about the branches from blueberries or pecans though.

Poisonous Plants
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