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Cage Pulling out my hair


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Nov 27, 2011
Ok, sad to say but Smokey, my escape artist cavy refuses to stay in his C&C Cage. He has also rebelled against his cage mate and attacks him constantly now. I'm going switch him to the Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus. Its 8 sq. ft., perfect for one. What are your thoughts?

Think I may find a spayed female for Patches or leave him by himself.

Pic of cage:Amazon.com: Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus: Pet Supplies
If Smokey is an adolescent and the cage is too small, you may need to separate them. How old are they and how large is the cage?

Eight square feet isn't perfect for one -- it's barely beyond the acceptable minimum, and more is recommended. He'll be happier with more, and you will too -- larger cages, up to a point, are easier to keep clean and smell less. Is there any reason you can't make him a C&C cage?

As for his escaping, put closet shelving lids on the cage and clamp them down. I use the kind of things that are on the ends of dog leashes -- you can find them at any hardware store.
Yes he is an adolescent. He and Patches have been sharing a 2x6 for a year. He just woke up on day and said No to the world. He jumps the grids, he tears them down, climbs over them, chews the cable ties and coroplast until he finds a way out. I do not have space for something past a 2x6 and I dont know what to do. He seems to upset ALL the other piggies. They all cry and teeth chattering when he is in that room. My only alternative is to more him to a smaller, enclosed cage alone or find him a new home. Quite honestly he is a MEAN pig. he doesnt like to be held, brushed or petted. When I walk in the room he is in defense mode. my other 9 are complete opposite. I thought he was just a bully but it just seems he prefers the lone ranger. I know a 2x3 is the best thing for him, but Ive tried that, he been ina 2x4 and now 2x6. He is just unsatisfied, he ates the grids. During floor, time which he spends running and hiding from me, if i use some left over grids to block say the hallway or kitchen or couch, he is determined to find a way around them
Maybe he does just need to be alone. And if he's attaching the grids, he probably needs a cage that he can't get his teeth through, or he'll wind up breaking a tooth.

Have you tried him with one of the other pigs?
Yes, I tried him with Hershey and that union lasted 3. He escaped once during floor time and attacked Dewey. I have Token and Tigger but they are adults and that seems like a bad idea.
Maybe you could give him a few months apart with the Midwest cage and then try to reintroduce.

Many pigs don't like to be held, but sometimes it's for physical reasons like mites. They can drive a pig crazy.

He may also be sensing your feelings of frustration about him, which is making him defensive. One of our long term residents here at my rescue was a scaredy pig--no one really liked him because he was so crazy and skittish--and unconsciously were handling him differently than the rest and making him defensive. I decided to like him just the way he was (and you "fake it 'til you make it") and now he's one of my favorite pigs. Not saying this is what's happening with your pig, it's just an idea.

You could have him neutered and paired with a female.
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