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Apr 1, 2012
HI all!

I am a recent "cavy crazy" as I like to call myself. It all started 2 weeks ago. I'll try to recap as quickly as possible :) My son who is 5 got as frog for his birthday, one of those raise a tadpole "kits" well it jumped ship (kept going between tank and liner)so we drove an hour to a none chain pet store that raises fish and amphibians and spoke to them about our dilemma. They suggested a full grown fire belly toad, and assured us it didnt need any "special" equip,memnt to be happy and healthy, boy were they wrong. It ended up being a MAJOR undertaking dealign with the still water and various pumps/filter/live food etc. SO after a few weeks of trying to keep this guys home clean and healthy for him, it was impossible, especially with a 5 and 2 yr old who want to love on their "pet" We took him to the shop and spoke to the people about other filters and set ups etc and when we were there there was an 9 yr old boy who had just lost his frog and coudln't afford another one so we saw this as a sign and rehomed him to this boy to live in a 40 gal tank with all that he could ever ask for and surely be happier then out measly 10 gl set up and all alone. After this of course the kids were crushed that I made them get rid of their beloved pet, and we went to the other store to return some things we had bought (heat lamps, other filter, etc) As we were there this guiy brings in this guinea pig and says "take it or its going in the dumpster behind my house" so the pet store took her in. The following two weeks were interesting. My kids and I pretty much lived in that pet store spending over 11 hrs with that little pigger in the store hanging out with her, she just had my heart from the first "wheeek" We researched like crazy and lurked on these as well as other boards. I had went into the store and they were going to be transfering her to out local animal shelter (very high kill rate) and finally I caved and brought home our newest member of the family. We went with the super pet home set up at first. 4 days having her, she wouldn't eat, drink, talk or move at all. Turns out she was depressed. That day we were taking her to the vet, a woman came into the shop I was working talking about a coworker who they were planning an intervention for on animal hoarding, specifically, breeding guinea pigs and cats. SHe had taken some from this woman's house including a single little girl just about 16 wks old (the same age as my first gal) All the other were male so this little girlie was caged all alone and would just squeal all day she said. Well, long story short, we went to see her and took SJ "Squeaks Jr." (1st pigger) with us and sat in this huge 24 sq foot pen together each holding one piggy. SJ just starting wheeeking to he rlittle hearts content, they ran to one another and started purrng away and I was sold, my little SJ needed a partner in crime. SJ2 or S2, squeaks jr the 2nd came intour home, and a very small cage when I looked at it. That lasted 3 days. My husband built the 2x4 c&c cage (that has taken over our living room :) ) and now they can be crazy pigger and run through it like the 2 little nuts they are and chatter away all day long. SOrry for being so long winded, we kinda fell into being owned by these guys but I wouldn'y have it any other way! [GuineaPigCages.com] Proudly owned by the piggers!
their home
What a lovely story. Welcome to the forums, glad you joined. There is lots of great info here and all questions are welcome. So glad the piggies found you :cheerful: .
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