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Proud owner of 3 guinea pigs.


Cavy Slave
Apr 8, 2012
Hi everyone,
I am Kim and I am the owner of 3 guinea pigs. My daughter got her first piggy for her 12th birthday October of 2011. She named her Sunshine. We got our 2nd piggy right before Christmas of 2011 and my 13 year old daughter named her Georgee. We got our 3rd piggy in February of 2012. His name is Moonlight. The pet store said he was a female so that is why we got him just to find out a week later when the pigs had their free range time that he is indeed a male. I am just praying that my girls arent pregnant because I was told that they cant deliver because their pelvis fuses together at 6 months of age. The girls are about 7 months and 9 months old.


100_2231.jpg 100_2232.jpg 100_2233.jpg
They are very pretty! :)
Awe thanks. I love my piggies. :)
They are all so cute! I love their coloring, especially the top one. I just hope your girls aren't pregnant. Pet stores are notorious for mis-sexing and worse (my first piggy, Mufasa, died 15 days after I bought him), so I strongly urge you to adopt if you decide to get a friend for your boy. I still advise double checking the sex, as I discovered that the "girl" I adopted from the humane society is male. I suspect piggy rescues are much, much more reliable at sexing than a local dog and cat shelter that happens to take in a few piggies, too.
Thanks so much. Im proud of my piggies. I actually went to Petco yesterday. I dont know if you have any by you but they were much better than the other pet store I went to. I believe they are a rescue shelter. They even had the males and females labeled and in a hug cage with a partition separating them. I almost took home two male piggies that looked like skunks. They were so cute. I dont think my girls are pregnant. The top 2 pics are the girls and they would only be a week or 2 away from delivery and they dont look pregnant at all. Not that I have ever seen a pregnant guinea pig plus the top pig Georgee only weighs 1.80 pounds and the middle pig Sunshine only weighs 2 pounds. They both weighed that last week also so i am hoping that they arent pregnant. I am sorry to hear about your pig. :sad: Piggies are too cute to die.
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