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proud cavy mom of 7


Cavy Slave
Jan 28, 2012
hi there! i am new on here! i am the proud owner of 7 beautiful cavies, they are the love of my life well aside from my fiance :). if anyine can tell me how to make a multi leveld cage i would appreciate it! thanks!
Welcome. Check out the pictures of cages to help with your cage. I have a 1x2 loft but I think you might be looking for something bigger with that many piggies.
Wow! 7! Way to go! Lovin piggies here, I only have 1 right now, but there are 3 more coming in 1 week. I can't wait to hear all the wheeks and whistles. Personally, I love all the ramps and lofts I see in everyone else's pictures.
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