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Not Eating Problem with a new adopted guinea pig.


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Jul 2, 2012
Hi,I'm new to the forum. I've owned my guinea pig Oreo for 4 years. I adopted her from my shelter when she was just 2. Ever since I had her she has been housed alone because she's partially blind and I was frightened to house any other guinea pigs with her. Just yesterday I came accross someone who had rescued this beautiful little girl from someone who had NEVER held her guinea pig,cleaned out the cage, or seen a vet. *The previous owner not the family that rescued her* So the family that rescued her has had her for a month. They immidetly brought her to the vet when they got her and she had worms. They've finished the treatment for her and I just took her home yesterday. She has eaten very little... She's not drinking as much as she should. *I have been syringe feeding her and giving her water through a syringe. Without a needle obvouisly* She has very few feces. And no pee. Is she just adjusting to her home or could it be something more?

Thanks a ton.

Sounds like an emergency vet visit is in order.
I would personally give it a few days. If this is very recent, she might just be adjusting. I adopted two pigs from a shelter and they had not been taken care of at all. Awful cage, only pellets and water, and no socialization. One of the girls ate fine and didn't seem to have a hard time adjusting, but my other pig did not eat much at all for three days and did not move much either. It took her at least a week to eat as much as the other one and she didn't go near the pellets for a week as well. Sometimes, they just need some time to get used to their surroundings. If she has been to the vet and has been treated for worms, she should be fine. I think you should give it a couple of days, let her adjust and then make the call to take her to the vet if her lack of eating continues.
Thanks both of you. *Sorry it took so long to reply.* She's started eating and drinking more. Not as much as I'd like but she's been doing a lot better. I'd like to let you both know I did call my exotics vet and she told me to wait it out for awhile unless she stops eating or drinking completely. Very helpful info!

Glad to hear she is doing better!

I feel the need to point this out. ANY strange activity from your Piggy is reason enough to get them into the vet as soon as possible. Just "waiting it out" could take a turn for the worst and you would end up with an even sicker Piggy. If you ever feel that your Guinea Pig shouldn't be acting how it is-- Get it to a vet as soon as you can, and do not just wait it out: you might be "waiting out" a problem that isn't going away anytime soon.

Just my thoughts, because I know from experience in other threads not to wait things out.
I don't agree with you 100% on you with that as I think it depends on the circumstances. But in my case if she wouldn't have started eating and drinking a vet visit would be needed ASAP. Thanks, for posting. I will be sure to remember that next time either of my piggies incounters another problem like this or really any problems.

If this piggy had not been completely new to its environment, I would not have suggested that. However, in my personal experience and in information I have seen, not eating and not being active the first few days of being in a new home is normal. Everypiggy handles stress differently, not eating I think is common to being uncomfortable. Specially since this pig did not have a suitable environment beforehand, the change must have been very drastic. @Zuidy , I agree with you completely. If any, already accommodated, pig stops eating out of nowhere, I would suggest taking it to the vet immediately.
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