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General Problem: How Many?


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Jul 30, 2011
Today I found a lovely female Angora rabbit (not spayed) on CraigsList. I was chatting with the owner all day and showed her pictures of my bunny (not neutered). We had a really nice chat and she wants her bunny to go to me. Problem is, I am not a breeder and do not want babies, but I plan to get my bunny neutered, but there is no neuter clinics close to my location. I do not want to have more than 3 bunnies and 4 guinea pigs. It would work if I got one of the neutered. Can I please have some advice? The lady can hold her until tomorrow evening. I really want to adopt her into our family, but there is that problem. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
The biggest problem I see is that your male bunny may start to spray if you bring a female around. That will be messy, smelly and very annoying. You can't put them together at all until one or both are fixed, rabbits will breed in under 30 seconds start to finish and are almost guaranteed to get pregnant. If you get one fixed or one at a time I'd start with the male so that he does not develop those nasty male bunny habits, like spraying.

Edit: sorry if that sounds like I'm rambling. It's been a long day!
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