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Medications Probiotics and Vitamin C with Baytril


Cavy Slave
Feb 15, 2012
Hello All this is my first post :) Our little Frank has been poorly recently, he started off with squeaking when he was going to the loo, we had him x-rayed and good news is there are no stones :D really didn't want to put him through an op being so little :/ But he's been put on Baytril for a month, we have started to see an improvement, he's brighter, not screaming as much and his poo seems firmer and more normal looking, but after reading up on how strong Baytril is I was wondering what probiotic to use and if this vitamin C powder from Holland & Barrett would be safe to use? (broken link removed) I can't find any tablets or powder in any pet shops near me they just sell the liquid which my vet advised against. Thanks for any help :) & from Frank too :p [GuineaPigCages.com] Probiotics and Vitamin C with Baytril
First and foremost, Frank looks quite regal with his crest!

That vitamin C powder seems like it would be difficult to dose the proper amount. It says on the bottle that it is 2500mg of vitamin C per serving. Guinea pigs need 1/100th of that amount, 25mg daily. I don't know what the "serving size" is for that vitamin powder, but if you can't accurately measure one one-hundredth of the serving size, I would go a different route.

Here is what I recommend: A plain vitamin C tablet that contains far less vitamin C (perhaps anywhere from 50mg to 100mg per serving).

If you can find plain acidophilus caplets at the pharmacy those would be good probiotics. Sprinkle probiotics on some lettuce 2 hours after you give antibiotics. Personally, I use a soy-based liquid acidophilus probiotic that I can administer with a syringe, but any plain acidophilus you find will work.
Hi surfingpigs and spy9doc :) Sorry for late reply, Frank's much happier now, we're giving him acidophilus that you recommended and he actually loves that but still hates having the Baytril - we have to bribe him with a bit of carrot! :p Just hope the month doseage will be enough to knock the infection out completely. Not had as much luck with the vit c tablets though can't seem to find any that can be worked out to a proper doseage so we're just making sure he gets plenty of veg high in vit c. x
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