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Chewing Prevent Chewing on Cage Bars


Cavy Slave
Aug 2, 2020
My guinea pig chews on his cage bars sometimes. I think it's his way of begging for food since he only does it around breakfast time or when I bring my own food into the room. Right now, I try to boop his nose when he does it and won't give him food until he stops. But I'm worried that by pushing his nose he might start to associated my hand with punishment. Also I don't know if adding plexi-glass would reduce air flow in the cage too much. Is there another way to stop him from chewing on the bars or should I continue with the nose boops?
I would go with the plexiglass, but maybe only halfway up. You also need to consider that chewing the bars can, and has in the past (including my own pigs) cause damage to their teeth. It doesn't take much enthusiastic bar chewing to break a tooth.

You could place a fan above the cage to circulate air if you're worries about airflow.
You need to go as far up with the plexiglass as he can each with his mouth. But you may not have to line the whole inside of the cage. I had a bar chewer who went nuts when I went in the kitchen, but I only had to line the end of the cage closest to the kitchen.

Nose boops won't help.
Is it possible to use actual glass or would that be dangerous? I've got some shatter resistant glass panels from old frames lying around. Just want to double check before I do anything.
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