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Allergies Pregnant Piggy OWNER - Is it safe to be caring (cleaning poop) for the piggies?


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Jul 18, 2010
My daughter and I both have piggies. I have the boys and she has the girls. We love our piggies very much!

Anyway, my daughter is now pregnant with her first child and I am wondering if it is safe for her to be cleaning the cages and "scooping the pooping". I know that they recommend that pregnant women try to avoid cat litterboxes, but is it the same for guinea pigs? Does anyone know? :?:

It's totally fine for her to be cleaning cages. I am assuming she washes up afterwards anyway. The "cat scratch fever" that you are talking about applies to an organism only found in cat urine (or is it feces? I can't remember) and not guinea pig poop or urine.
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Yes, she does wash up afterward. She's a nurse when she's not being a piggy servant, so she knows all about singing the happy birthday song twice while washing her hands.
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