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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Potential oppertunity


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Jul 25, 2011
I was just looking at pigs on craigslist and I found an ad for a long haired tan male- which is exactly what I would love to get, but he comes with a potentially pregnant female. The people say they are allergic to them, but I don't want to support a breeder. I was thinking if I could convince my parents, maybe I could get both, keep the female in my little cage until she is for sure pregnant or not, then keep her, or morel likely re-home her to someone I completely trust, and the babies if there are any (maybe I could keep a male if she is pregnant). They are only $25 and I would love to get them :)

What do you all think?
The only problem is my parents, they don't want that many pigs, and don't think I will be able to let them go... :(
Taking in a pregnant pig opens up a new world of possibilities for vet care, too. What happens if there are complications? Do you have enough money for an emergency vet visit, or several, or possibly a c-section or some other type of expensive treatment? If not, are your parents willing to spend that kind of money on a pig they don't want you to have/keep?

Honestly, I think I'd just ask about taking the male.
Here is my next problem/ issue my cage is 5 feet by 30 inches- is that okay for 2 males? The kitchen is separated from the living area too- but there are 2 entrances into the kitchen.
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