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Rescues Possibly making 2 into 3 again.. What would YOU do in my shoes!?


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Jan 27, 2012
So I might have a 3rd pig coming in, nothing is finalized, but I am so back and fourth about it I just don't know what to do.. But I'd like to make a decision soon so I wanted to give you guys the scoop here and get some feedback on my 'situation' in return. The story is written below.......

Monday night I lost my first piggy Wednesday :( I haven't yet bounced back from it, but Wednesday's cagemate, Vanek seems to have, so I am thankful for that. I have another pig named Applebean that I have been debating upon introducing to Vanek.. The main reason Applebean couldn't live with W & V is because surprisingly, my ever so sweet girl Wednesday, hated her guts, so it made the living arrangement impossible, so poor Applebean sits atop my dresser in a extra large rabbit cage for the time being so she can watch Vanek and they can chat. But it's only until my living situation gets finalized/squared away and I can start building her her own nice big C&C cage just like W & V have. Currently every wall and every corner in my tiny tiny bedroom is occupied with furniture so I am unable to have another 2x3 c&c cage in here, that would take up half of the little floor space that i have.. just trying to give you an idea of how crammed we all are in here..

Since Wednesdays death, I haven't done the intro yet because I am suspicious that Vanek may have Ovarian Cysts, she's got swollen crusty nipples and the week Wednesday was sick Vanek was growling, rumble strutting, and mounting Wednesday every chance she got. I have NO idea how long Vanek has been doing this because I only really started noticing and paying attention when Wednesday was sick and I was feeling like an over protective mama bird defending her from Vanek the bully.. soooo I am thinking with Vaneks horemones out of wack like this the introduction will more than likely go poorly... But I would like it if some of you seniors out there could comment on that actually, I know an introduction has everything to do with the pigs personality, but hopefully you can confirm my assumptions? I am still reading up about ovarian cysts but I don't think I have come across anything specifying how the hormone imbalance can effect two pigs meeting for the first time.. so anyone have experience doing it and having it be a success? I am of COURSE going to have her checked out, but money is tight at the moment and I have been observing her and she seems to be fine for the time being, so in a week I start work and I am planning on making an appointment right then because I feel she can make it til then just fine..

BUT the real reason behind writing this thread.. Apparently my dad's boss is looking to get rid of his kids guinea pig. Apparently, it is a 3 year old female (about the same age as Vanek) and his kids haven't given a damn about the thing in years. My dad is being very persistent about it, which concerns me, to give you an idea of how my father is, he refers to my guinea pigs as "my rats," he thinks its crazy they live in the sized cages that they live in (to him they're way to big, but they're just the minimum amount of space needed which I plan to go bigger once space allows it) and he was definitely shocked to hear how much these little critters can run a vet bill up to.. Long story short, he doesn't get it, he doesn't care for them much really, they're just rodents, "rats" to be exact, and he thinks I am crazy..
So considering how hard he is pushing this guinea pig on to me is very concerning. I feel obligated to take it because I am just picturing it in the smallest guinea pig cage, never being touched or talked to or handled, fed pellets that I am sure these people just grab whatever they can find, and I am sure they don't feed it hay and probably rarely fruits/veggies.. and it's freaking me out thinking about how they probably don't know what specific kinds are okay or not to give! I just feel like I would have such a guilty conscience if I denied it and always wonder what happened to her....

As I said I feel like I have an obligation to this pig to give it everything it needs that is not getting.. Giving it proper nutrition, love and affection, and giving it attention and the ability to interact with loving humans and possibly guinea pigs... Have any of you taken on a pig you weren't entirely jumping for joy about? If I do do this, I am kind of going into it planning on just fostering it, that way my paranoid self is taking it out of it's current non ideal living situation and it ensures the pig is getting adequately taken care of because I will be the one doing it, so then I can sleep soundly at night knowing it's being properly cared for lol I also know nothing about fostering a pet, so thats another factor here, if you've got information or experience doing so I would love to hear.
I am a bit iffy about taking her onto my crew because I am not needing a third one at the moment and I worry finding a new home for her in the off chance that I decide not to keep her will be hard to come by and what I would do in that instance..

But before you write down your opinion I wanted to give you a little more info about me first.

I know what it's like financially having to care for 3 pigs so when it comes to their basic every day needs I am capable of supplying them with that.
(ex: pellets, hay, fruits/veggies, toys, treats, shampoo, bedding material, etc)

I am aware of vet costs and I am prepared and willing to pay what ever it takes to bring them back to perfect health if they fall ill. Yes, I am currently broke, but I have a support system of people I can borrow money from no matter the reason. So in moments where I am struggling and then caught off guard with a very sick pig, I am always going to be able to get them the proper medical attention needed. So don't be concerned there :)

I would also like to say that I am still reading up on this and learning, but I do have a basic idea of illnesses females are prone to and what I can expect as they age.

And I know I went off about having a teeny tiny bedroom and having one pig housed in a large rabbit cage and one pig (used to be two) in a 2x3 c&c cage, but space is not an issue. I am more than willing to give up a large portion of my bare floor space for this pig. It's a "sacrefice" I am more than willing to make if it means I will be helping an animal that isn't being properly cared for. For fostering it for several months, losing half the floor is not an issue, but if I do decide I have fallen in love with her and find it impossible to give her away, of course then it can't be a permanent solution, but I would then do introductions and consolidate them all into one brand new LARGE c&c cage.

So I know after reading that you all must think I am crazy.. as you can see it's definitely been an inner battle within my mind :D I'm pretty indecisive and can't quite make up my mind.. I think the biggest reason is because I absolutely love guinea pigs and I am really confused because I know I am typically THRILLED in situations like these, but here I am finding that I am just not phased at all and thats really making this choice a tough one.
I am leaning towards taking her only because I know I can improve her life so much while I really take a look at the situation and figure out what the next course of action should be. But I know nothing about fostering animals (if there is even anything to know!) so if it's an area you are an expert in and have stories/advice for me I would love to hear it!
I want to know what others on this site would do in my situation. Put yourself in my shoes, pretend youre me with the little tid-bits I gave you above, and tell me what you think you'd do if you were in my position.
I would take your guinea pig to the vet that you suspect has ovarian cysts. Does she have bilateral hair loss?
I don't have answers to all your questions but I can say, I think that any decision concerning your piggies will be tough right now, considering you just lost one, and my deepest condolences for that <3.

I too would think it'd be best to get Vanek checked out before you try and introductions. I don't think a sick pig needs that kind of stress, regardless of the hormonal issues.

If anyone understands lack of space, it is I sadly. My bedroom is beyond small, it was small even when all I had was a tv stand and a twin sized bed. Now it has a queen bed, tv stand, and a 2x5 cage. There is about 2.5 feet by 8 feet of a walking path that allows me to get to the cage and into bed. If you have to have two cages, you can stack them, a lot of people have been known to do that.

As far as this third piggy. We both know you won't be able to live with yourself if you don't take her hehe. The worrying and wondering will certainly get the best of you, I would take her. Now as I just said, my room is the definition of tiny, and I took in a pig from another member of this site actually about a year ago. I added another 2x3 to my 2x5 and lost more of my "hallway" in my room. Cage cleaning was a nightmare. Anyways, she was apparently aggressive towards people and their other pig to the point of drawing blood from both. I wasn't particularly excited about it either, until I got her. Then I was happy to have a challenge, and hopefully find the reason this pig was so nervous. I ended up failing at intros to my current two three times, (my pig Cinnamon has never been very tolerant) and decided to keep her until I could find a good home. Honestly, if I had more space, I would have kept her. I'm sure eventually I could've had a successful trio. Besides the point, yes I would take the third pig, and I would let her settle in and then introduce her to your Applebean (cute name btw!)

There really isn't anything to fostering animals, except they often require more patience and attention. Like in my case, I had to figure out why she was biting and once I did it was a breeze. (She used it as an outlet of nerves, and learned that people put her down and left her alone when she bit them) If you decide to keep her, introduce her to your pig(s), if you just want to foster her, you still had the benefit of saving an animal and providing a better home. Personally, I think either option is rewarding, finding an animal a good home is always a good feeling. :)

Hopefully I helped a little? I'm definitely not an expert but these are my thoughts, on your thoughts. ;) Good Luck and hope your piggy doesn't have any serious health issues going on.
Oh, I am definitely planning on taking her! And to answer your question, she isn't balding at all, but, she is an absy so she does shed, but she hasn't been shedding any more than she usually does from what I have seen.. Thats the tough thing about this one! About 2 1/2 to 3 weeks ago I picked her up and noticed her nipples seemed millimeters longer and they had a yellowy flake/crust on them. I was obviously seriously concerned because I have had her for over 2 years now and those were never there before. But, I had recently learned the proper meaning of spurs, and she does get them on her feet so although I was still worried, I figured thats all they could be and I knew spurs were pretty okay to live with as long as they didn't get to big and tear.. But her body type fits the symptoms I believe too, pear shaped and seeming bloated/fully expanded. But again, the issue with this little (or not so little) one is once she grew out of being a baby she grew into this shape and has always been shaped this way. But when I was reading up on Ovarian Cysts, the tell tale sign to me is how she had been acting during Wednesdays sickness.. She was mounting Wednesday repeadidly, constantly just getting up from the opposite end of the cage, going over to sick Wednesday who was minding her own business, and growling at W and mounting her while she was laying there! It was such a frequent thing! But dumb me just took it as Vanek being jealous because of Wednesday getting so much attention/special care. The two hated each other before and I thought it was impossible to get them to live together without killing the other, but one night my cat got into my room and scared them both half to death that they jumped out of their C&C cage onto the roof of it (thank god this was when it was on the floor incase we had any falls....) and buried themselves in a sweatshirt I had conveniently left on top of the cage, the poor things could have hid there for hours! (I was at work 4 - 10) but that traumatic event caused them to tolerate each other so they always just sort of dealt with one another, I definitely didn't see them as buds or companions, just roomies who deal with their living arrangements. :D
But I posted a thread in the medical section days ago, and although this is of course a serious disease and action needs to be taken soon, myself and a moderator agreed that at the moment it doesnt seem to be life threatening and she doesnt seem to be on the verge of taking a turn for the worst quite yet.. I've been unemployed since October and my new job doesn't start until the 9th, so for now I am holding off then making an appointment when I start so I will have money coming in.. I still owe my boyfriend for Wednesdays bills :-/ But I'd like to add considering I'm home all the time, I am very closely monitoring her because any sign of her acting the slightest bit off or weird I promise she'll definitely be whisked away and I will definitely borrow more from my guy, he has no problem doing it :)
@Kimberly713 you were of great help! Seriously! Although I am still devastated about Wednesday, it has crossed my mind that I probably would get a third sometime... I dont know what it is about 3's but that just seems ideal to me! once you have two and pay for them, adding a third doesn't make it much more costly I've found (not counting vet bills of course). I think a reason why I am not wild about the idea is because I don't know what I am going to get :p I don't like surprises much, and each pig is so different, when youre adding a new one to the family you already have the excitement builds up because it typically looks different from the ones you already have so it's something new and exciting to look forwards to! And I will of course admit I am quite partial to abys/longer haired pigs. I just prefer them more and find them to be cuter in my eyes, and the likliness of this girl being one seems rare to me.. but we'll see! haha looks don't truly matter when it comes to the well being of an animal..

I talked to my dad more about it and told him I would but I was iffy and I was thinking about taking her in as a foster initially and giving it a few months to ultimately decide and he lectured me about taking her away from her home to just put her in another but he just didn't get it -_- I told him it's unlikely this pig is in a cage as big as my C&C (2x3) and that I would be giving it a better life for the time being while I think, and I'd make sure it went on to an equally as nice home.. but he rambled on (with no real idea or proof, just assumptions) about how rich his boss is so it's probably in a huge cage and about how it's not right taking it from them only to give it away again and how the kids let it run around the house and it goes to the fridge and if the door is open it can take it's food and scurry away?
But the way I interpreted what he told me is, after finding out the kids are 17 and 16 and both females, I'm guess they've had this one pig because at the time they really wanted it, but now they're at the age where they're out driving, having their first serious relationships, spending every available moment away from the house and with their girlfriends and they just no longer care for the thing anymore, but still occasionally probably have it do this "trick" to show their friends. I mean I am a little turned off at the idea now because I wouldn't want my dad to make the biggest fuss in the world about it when it really doesnt have to be, but from what he told me, it's a pig thats lived 3 years by itself, not ideal, and if these people aren't aware Guinea Pigs are herd animals they probably view it as 'just a rodent' and decided the smallest guinea pig cage in petco was perfectly acceptable for it.
Hopefully it all goes well for you. I wouldn't worry about your dad, just tell him you'll take her. Afterall, it is you is financially responsible for them, no? Even if these people cared enough to research and know about C&C cages and have one for her, being alone, and ignored is a terrible way to live. If you decide later that you don't want to keep her as your own pet, just tell your dad you can't afford three, and find her a nice home. What's he going to do at that point? hehe.

Another thing you can do is ask to see her first, and decide then. That would solve probably all your nerves about it. You would see what she looks like, where she lives, and you'd be able to tell by her demeanor if she's been given adequate attention from them. I too find aby's adorable, but if they didn't adopt her the chances are incredibly slim. Most pigs the stores breed are cresteds, or americans. But I'm sure that wouldn't stop you from taking her anyways.
I think that if/when you take her- you will end up falling in love with her although you may not be completely thrilled about it at the moment. I think that (as before mentioned), you will be constantly worrying what happened to her if you do NOT take her.. As for your dad- I agree with Kimberly when she says that it is YOU that is financially responsible for them, (correct?) so he really needs to leave the decision up to you! GOOD LUCK! I really hope it all works out for you.
@Kimberly713 and @kareebear Yes I am the one whose financially responsible for them. Although I am 22 and living at home and fortunate enough to live rent free at the moment, I am the only one who cares for them and supplies them with all they need. :) But that really is a great plan, I don't know why I didn't even think of that.. And it's not even like, really "going against my father," which I have seen kids going behind their parents backs when their parents financially care for them and the pets, but my pigs are in my bedroom so it's not like he see's them ever. Good point guys ;)
A couple of things:

You don't want to wait too long with ovarian cysts. Bpatters did say it wasn't imperative to get her in right away (as in emergency), but she also said you'd need a hormone shot to buy you some time. The thing with ovarian cysts is that they are continuing to grow. At first your pig looks chubby and healthy, but there comes a point when the cysts get so big, your pig feels so sick, and begins to lose weight. The larger the cysts the more difficult the operation, especially if she's lost weight and overall condition because of the cysts. And some cysts do burst, and then it's an emergency situation with an uncertain outcome.

This new pig may come with a whole new batch of health problems. And that's money you need to be saving for a spay for Vanek.

If you do take the other pig, and it turns out that none of your pigs will get along, will they all three have their own C&C Cages? Forgive me if you already addressed this issue.

Perhaps it would be best until you get this issue with Vanek, and then try to introduce her and Applebean, before you take on another. Or, if you are set on it, perhaps get your dad to help pay some of the expenses, since he's the one that wants you to take them.

Don't feel like you are the only one that can "save" that pig. It's possible someone else can give her a home just as good as yours.
Possibly making 2 into 3 again.. What would YOU do in my shoes!?
Ohhh she is certainly not losing any weight. :D But there is a example of how pear shaped/'ready to explode' her stomach appears to be.. But it's always been this way so it's frustrating for me to decide if it's just only her shape, or if it's a symptom..
But I definitely am not going to wait long, seems like you read it thinking I was going to go weeks, four days and I am making the appointment. I'm also not going ahead and booking something tomorrow, for instance, because my vet I was going to was awful so I am hunting for a cavy savy vet who also has experience doing this proceedure. I've found several exotic vets who I am sure could diagnose her, but they are "eager to learn about guinea pigs" so the likeliness of them having done any type of surgery on a pig is slim to none.. so thats why I'm not jumping..

but thank you for your response! Its definitely still being decided/thought over so it's nice having someone slightly opposed to make me stop and think. I'm still not so sure about the whole thing so decisions are still being made. But if I take the pig on, it will be only a foster while I take time to get to know the pig, familiarize it with humans, and think about if I really want to keep it.. taking it in as a foster I'll make a temporary floor cage with the materials I use for floor time.. If I decide she's got to be mine, months will have gone by by now, Vanek will have already had vet visits/surgery and have already been introduced to applebean and hopefully it will work out. I THINK I will be able to get them to live together, the times I introduced Applebean to Wednesday & Vanek Applebean let them sniff her mount her, chase her, nip her, etc.. she never tried for dominance ever, so was perfectly willing to let them be the boss of her, the issue was Vanek was her usual pissy self (she's my brat/moody, never a biter but she fusses and mounts) but Wednesday to my surprised HATED her. so I am hoping the feelings are still mutual :D If thats the case I'll do the 3 and we'll go from there witha huge c&c, if it doesn't work out, the cage will be enlarged and divided for the new pig to be able to see the two.. but no, there won't be 3 huge c&c's, I wouldn't keep her if introductions weren't successful.

PS: The food seen in the picture is for my hamsters... I knew if I didn't clarify I'd probably get scolded by 394279873 angry users :D
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